Goya Foods

Before TIBCO, to place an order was a two-week process. A customer would have to get data from 10 different sources and talk to many people. With TIBCO MDM, all they do is look at one source and click a button.

Rakesh Raj, Supply Chain Engineer and Project Manager

Goya Foods Serves Up Data Integrity and Customer Satisfaction

Data quality and access, more efficient development, greater customer satisfaction

Business Challenge

To continue its rich heritage of bringing excellent products to customers, Goya Foods needed a solution to streamline and enhance the quality of data on its products, locations, and manufacturing facilities.


Goya turned to TIBCO MDM, TIBCO BusinessWorks, TIBCO Hawk, and TIBCO Spotfire software to bring its data and applications together; achieve greater visibility and control of data and integrations; and increase customer satisfaction.


Data quality and access, more efficient development

The goal was to meet new rules in the food industry being adopted by national brands and described in G1 standards and in the 1WorldSync global product directory.

"Lot tracking and traceability, which are not requirements here, but you see are slowly creeping in, were huge operational challenges that could have a massive effect on our business and productivity," said Jesse Rey, director of software development. With TIBCO MDM software, Goya Foods now delivers the same quality of data across all channels of information, providing data quality, accessibility, and speed, and preventing the risk of lost sales as well as the risk of publishing incorrect data and its consequences.

In addition to TIBCO MDM, the company turned to TIBCO software to speed development and modernize integration processes and services monitoring.

"Our developers are way happier with BusinessWorks software and the visibility of their process, debugging, the potentials for logging, and understanding whether our services are up or down. They were huge accomplishments, and they have made a huge difference to Goya as a business," said Rey.

Greater customer satisfaction

Now, when an e-customer orders a product, MDM data provides a single data pool combining 10 data sources. With all the information at their fingertips in one centralized source synchronized in real time, customers can quickly find information on product attributes. "Before TIBCO, this was a two-week process," said Raj.

Additionally, by using TIBCO Spotfire analytics, the company looks to the possibility of tracking delivery truck status and location, which would benefit both salespeople and customers, and further increase customer satisfaction.


centralized source of information, down from 10

Goya Foods

Goya Foods, the premier choice for authentic Latino foods has a story that is as much about the importance of family as it is about achieving the American dream.