Campari Group

Campari Group Builds Modern Digital Infrastructure to Efficiently Scale and Grow

Faster time to market, reduced project times, empowered business partners

A major player in the global-branded spirits industry, Campari has a portfolio of over 50 premium and super-premium brands marketed and distributed in over 190 countries worldwide. Its journey with TIBCO started in late 2017, with the creation of digital products. By leveraging TIBCO Cloud Integration and TIBCO Cloud™ API Management, it established a hybrid API-led cloud platform. This enabled Campari's digital journey and provided the following positive business outcomes: shifting budget to innovative IT projects, faster and more predictable time-to-market for new integrations, smarter cloud infrastructure leading to increased availability of real-time data, API adoption by partners and customers to securely access the company’s data, and establishment of a DevOps culture.

Trailblazer Award Winner 2019

27 Brands

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Campari Group

With a portfolio of more than 50 premium and super-premium brands, Campari Group is a leading player in the global branded beverage industry. Its products are marketed and distributed in more than 190 countries.