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TIBCO Streaming Data Virtualization

3 Ways Data Virtualization is Evolving to Meet Market Demands

Why is data virtualization so popular today? More industry leaders are implementing data virtualization as part of their...
TIBCO Migrate to the Cloud

Migrating to the Cloud? Do it Faster with Data Virtualization!

Just a few years ago, the idea of using the cloud to run your data and analytics workloads might have seemed odd....
TIBCO Analytics Forum 2021

Plant Seeds for Future Growth: What to Expect at TIBCO Analytics Forum 2021

Take a leap forward this spring. So much compelling content awaits you at TAF 2021. Join us and invest in growing the value of your analytics and data management programs. Register Now!
TIBCO Master Data Management Relationships

Understanding Key Facets of Your Master Data; Facet #2: Relationships

In a previous post on modeling, we briefly touched on relationships when describing different data model patterns. In this post, we’ll be...
TIBCO Is MDM on your Radar?

Is MDM on Your Radar? Here Are Ten Things You Need to Know

Knowledge is Power in Master Data Management America’s fourth president and one of its founding fathers, James Madison...
TIBCO MDM Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power! How to Know What’s Important to Your Business

Know your customers! Your people are your most valuable asset! Your company is only as good as your products! While there is...

Turn Data Silos into Opportunities with Next-Generation Data Virtualization

You can’t escape your data. It’s at the center of nearly every new business opportunity and critical business operation. It informs how...

How to Choose Between Today’s Top Enterprise Master Data Management Solutions

Every day we’re faced with different choices that we have to make. Some are relatively easy, such as what kind of milk...
TIBCO Data Virtualization Toolbox

Win-Win: Everyone Benefits from Adding Data Virtualization to Your Data Integration Toolbox

As a die-hard University of Texas alumnus, there is nothing better than spending a Saturday afternoon cheering my Longhorns on to victory....
TIBCO Master Data Management Success

Master Data Management Success is Easier than You Think

To succeed with MDM, Get Lazy!  When asked about how he addresses difficult business challenges, Microsoft founder and...