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TIBCO EBX Leader in Master Data Management

Find the Right Master Data Management Solution for You

Master data management (MDM) is a large, fast-growing market, growing at 16 percent annually. And it’s no wonder: every business needs to...
TIBCO Love Your Data

Fall in Love with Your Data All Over Again

Show your data some extra love this Valentine’s Day. Recommit to solving your most complex business problems with data and develop an...
Digital Business Customer Experience TIBCO

3 Ways a Digital Business Can Get Customer Experience Right

There is a secret to success shared by top digital businesses today, and it has to do with providing a positive customer...
The Truth About Gaining 360 Degree Views of Your Data

The Truth About Gaining 360 Degree Views of Your Data

In the enterprise software space, there’s quite a bit of chatter about 360° views. These views are tied to a specific business...
TIBCO Why Organizations Love Data like Pizza

Why Organizations Love Data like Pizza

Nearly everyone loves pizza. Norwegians lead the world with over 11 pies per person per year. The United States follows closely with...

Solving the Toughest Problems with the TIBCO Analytics Portfolio

The TIBCO analytics and data management portfolio solves the tough analytics problems and deployment challenges when other tools run out of gas. 

Data Virtualization Heats Up in Germany

TDWI Munich, with thousands of attendees and nearly a hundred sponsors, is Germany’s premier annual data and analytics event. I was fortunate...
TIBCO Data Virtualization Book

Introducing: The Third Book to Ever Be Written on Data Virtualization

Ever wonder where the phrase, “Good things come in threes” comes from? It’s actually from the Latin derivation, “Omne trium perfuctum,”  which...
TIBCO Augment Partner of the Year Genware

How to Become America’s Augment Partner of the Year? It’s Elementary, My Dear Watson!

As a fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional hero, I never thought I would meet the real Sherlock Holmes. That is...
How to Pick the Right Data Virtualization Solution for You TIBCO

How to Pick the Right Data Virtualization Solution for You

Innovative companies today expect easy access to both historical and real-time data. But organizations need the right infrastructures set up to meet...