Chat With Experts and Experience an Interactive Journey With TIBCO Live at HIMSS21

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HIMSS21 is one of the largest digital healthcare events of the year, with good reason. Scheduled for August 9-13, HIMSS21 promises professionals in the healthcare sector a chance to experience a unique and interactive journey through the most cutting-edge solutions that health tech has to offer. 

This year, HIMSS brings together more than 70,000 global industry and academia professionals and leaders for five days of innovation, collaboration, and education. The event’s primary goal is to uncover the transformative potential of health information and technology. If you are in the healthcare industry, HIMSS21 gives you the chance to experience world-class education, the latest in healthcare data solutions, and exciting interactive experiences with some of the biggest names in the health tech scene. 

TIBCO is excited to be a part of HIMSS21’s extensive community. Coming out of a highly challenging year for healthcare, TIBCO recognizes the need for accelerated digital transformation and the importance of aligning data strategies with the dynamic business environment. This year, TIBCO will showcase its latest data solutions, built specifically for the healthcare sector.

What Products Will TIBCO Feature At HIMSS21?

Healthcare data can drive massive improvements in healthcare, but it needs next-gen technology and advanced analytics to be truly disruptive. TIBCO helps practitioners transform by accelerating critical innovations and driving data integration within and beyond their organizations. 

TIBCO plans to feature three healthcare-centered products: TIBCO Omni-HealthData®, TIBCO Foresight, and TIBCO Health Essentials Cloud. Collectively, these solutions provide a robust set that can deliver real-time intelligence to address critical industry imperatives, such as 360-degree patient access, individualized therapy, continuous compliance, and data-driven efficiency. 

TIBCO Omni-HealthData 

TIBCO Omni-HealthData HealthViews provides an off-the-shelf model for clinical and operational data management, with dynamic views to empower your organization’s analytics and reporting. Omni-HealthData offers a centralized data model that supports dynamic client expansion and customization.

TIBCO Foresight

TIBCO Foresight is a data validation solution designed to solve the problem of data accuracy for organizations with disparate data sources. Foresight integrates with your existing infrastructure to give you confidence that the data you send is accurate and compliant. 

TIBCO Health Essentials Cloud

TIBCO Health Essentials Cloud offers healthcare institutions an enterprise-class data, reporting, and analytics platform With Health Essentials Cloud, you can unleash the power of patient data and the cloud to transform your organization, paying only for what you need and scaling on demand.

TIBCO’s Interactive Experiences for HIMSS21

In addition to showcasing TIBCO Health products, TIBCO will also feature two unique interactive experiences. First, riders from Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank will take attendees up on a “cycling challenge” in the spirit of streaming data analytics to enable real-time care. But make sure you know who you’re up against. Team TIBCO-SVB is the longest-running women’s cycling team in the U.S. The team has numerous riders who have participated in Olympic and World Championships, and some are national champions. 

In addition to cycling with the professionals, you’ll also get to show off your strength in our punching bag station. The punching bag will feature feedback sensors that stream to the cloud, literally demonstrating how data science can strengthen health advancements. 

TIBCO’s booth will be reinforced with three monitors, each delivering relevant content about TIBCO’s Connected Intelligence for Healthcare and its contribution to health data trends such as Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) and ModelOps.

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