Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank Women’s Pro Cycling Team

Racing with the Power of TIBCO

TIBCO’s long standing sponsorship of Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank Women’s Cycling Team has been an exciting one. The impressive women on this team compete in races that attract tens of millions of spectators where they face fierce competition. Over the course of the fourteen-year partnership, the longest running professional women’s cycling team in North America has won numerous national championships.

Team TIBCO and Tech
Team TIBCO - Highlights of Cycling
Highlights of Cycling_vignette
Highlights of Cycling
Team TIBCO - What makes a team
What Makes a Team_ vignette
What Makes a Team
Team TIBCO - How They Got Started Cycling
How They Got Started Cycling_vignette
How They Got Started Cycling
Team TIBCO - A Peek into Cycling Lifestyle
A Peek into Cycling Lifestyle_vignette
A Peek into Cycling Lifestyle
Race Strategy and Team Spirit
Race Strategy and Team Spirit
Race Strategy and Team Spirit

Inspirational Women

The women on this team work tirelessly to achieve feats many people can only dream of. Their hard work and determination are what allow them to stand proudly on the podium time and time again. Their resilience, talent, and pure athleticism have made them an unbelievable team that TIBCO is proud to cheer on. These inspirational women are taking part in something truly special.

Fierce Competitors

The speed and agility required of these women is similar to what customers can expect of TIBCO. As fierce competitors in the analytics and integration space we understand the need for quick decisions based on intelligent information. This is just one reason why TIBCO will be collaborating to analyze the riders’ data in order to maximize performance.

Data Driven

In order to compete at such a high level these riders must strive for continuous improvement. That means constantly gathering and analyzing data about their performance. The mass amount of data available about the riders and their bikes allows them to best understand areas for improvement so that they can always perform to the very best of their ability.

Trailblazers in their Industries

In an industry where diversity and inclusion have been a hot topic, TIBCO is proud to encourage and support the success of these talented women. Like our partnership with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team, the opportunity to support championship teams is truly a privilege. Thanks to a group of dedicated engineers at TIBCO, we have a racing bike fully supported by TIBCO technology. From integration with Flogo to real-time analytics, TIBCO technology provides ample opportunities to truly optimize rider performance.

Crushing the Competition

Team TIBCO-SVB has had riders named to Olympic and World Championship teams, won the NRC Championship in 2013, 2014, and 2015, and won the WPCS Championship in 2013 and 2014. As a part of the Union Cycliste Internationale, with riders from across the globe including Canada, Guam, Mexico, Australia, Great Britain, and the United States, the team continues to win National Championships, including the Australian National Championship Road Race in 2018.

Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank Women’s Pro Cycling Team

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