Turbocharge your data initiatives with TIBCO + ibi Product Innovation

TIBCO + ibi: The Power of Together
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In the opening keynote for TIBCO + ibi: The Power of Together, TIBCO CEO Dan Streetman shared a favorite quote: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” He added, “With the right tech and teamwork, you can actually go further and faster together.”

We hope the sessions you watched during the event demonstrated how TIBCO + ibi will continue to enhance ibi products to help your business go further and faster. Our previous blog hit the high notes of the information-packed event. Now, we’ll recap key takeaways about ibi products’ phenomenal future, and how their TIBCO-enhanced capabilities will accelerate your digital transformation goals.

WebFOCUS Adds Robust New Capabilities 

The WebFOCUS user community will see tremendous strides in the platform’s capabilities, which we’ll expand to include more options and choices for data access, discovery, and overall management. We’re making investments to bridge feature gaps between Appstudio and Designer while enhancing features in key areas of Appstudio. And we plan to democratize data science and bridge the gap between data scientists and business users through integration with TIBCO’s data science solution. 

You’ll also see a more contemporary direction for WebFOCUS, including expanded cloud options and an artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML)-driven approach with modern business intelligence (BI) capabilities and visualizations. Plus, you can look forward to an improved user experience and prepackaged analytics playbooks.

TIBCO + ibi’s “tightly integrated, but loosely coupled” approach will make it easy for you to snap in what you need, when you need it. For example, TIBCO Data Virtualization breaks down data silos and orchestrates access to multiple and varied data sources without moving or copying data. It offers:

  • One place to access, combine, and provision data throughout your organization
  • Business-friendly data views that simplify and hide IT complexity.
  • A modern data layer that addresses your evolving needs with hybrid data architectures, removes bottlenecks, and enables consistency and reuse
  • A governed, secure logical layer that serves a diverse set of users.

“I’m excited that ibi and WebFocus customers will now be able to more quickly solve their data and analytics challenges by synergizing and using TIBCO’s industry-leaning data virtualization and hyperconverged analytics.”

– Vijay Raman, Senior Director, Product Management 

Powerful New Features in Omni-HealthData 

If you use the Omni-HealthData platform, you know ibi has been delivering on its core roadmap for quite some time. What’s changing is that it now offers features such as virtualized views, data catalog, standard application programming interface (API)-based delivery, and runtime. You can now look forward to TIBCO’s formidable Directory Service Markup Language (DSML) suite of products to provide anomaly and fraud detection capabilities. 

The great news is that you don’t have to wait for enhancements to Omni-HealthData. Here are a couple of new capabilities you can take advantage of today:

  • Address use cases around real-time logistics operations, medical devices, care transitions, and research with TIBCO Data Streaming and TIBCO Data Virtualization.
  • Get even more out of the valuable content provided about patients, care providers, claims, facilities, and people with TIBCO Data Science capabilities.    

“With TIBCO, we now have the possibility of looking at key market trends and capabilities we need for Omni-HealthData, and accelerate our build efforts with best-of-breed technologies in the TIBCO arsenal.”

– Dennis McLaughlin, Senior Director, Product Management

iWay Integration Server Delivers New Capabilities and Options

In the past year, ibi added 68 new features to iWay, including new connectors, improved development experience, and customer-driven innovation. And iWay capabilities will grow even stronger augmented with TIBCO’s family of products.

Cloud-native TIBCO Cloud Integration Platform as a Service (PaaS) delivers a complete set of integration capabilities that allow you to address any connectivity use cases, including full API lifecycle management, which allows you to create, productize, manage security, and gain insight into your API operations’s program and community.

“Being part of an organization known for its integration expertise offers our iWay innovation a significant advantage.”

Dennis McLaughlin, Senior Director, Product Management

All of the TIBCO + ibi: The Power of Together sessions will be available on-demand through April 30, 2021. If you missed the roadmap session or would like to replay any of the content, visit virtual.together.tibco.com.