5 TIBCO4Good Stories that Brightened Up 2020

Illuminating TIBCO4Good
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Pantone surprised everyone by selecting two colors for the 2021 Color of the Year: “Ultimate Gray” and “Illuminating,” a combination that sparks both ideas of dependability and positivity. While unprecedented, this selection makes a lot of sense when we look back at 2020 and look forward to 2021, especially in the case of TIBCO4Good. Proving its commitment to helping organizations and communities face the biggest challenges facing our world, TIBCO’s promise to give back has only grown stronger over the last year. 

“Illuminating” TIBCO4Good Stories from 2020

Despite the many challenges we’ve faced in 2020, TIBCO4Good initiatives not only endured but expanded, proving the dauntless passion of the TIBCO team. The following are just a few of the stories from 2020 that give us hope and will continue to brighten our spirits moving forward.

  • Back On Your Feet Program: In partnership with She Loves Data and Singapore Management University, TIBCO4Good launched the Back On Your Feet program to help provide data analytic skills to individuals impacted by job cuts and financial distress as a result of COVID-19. The program provides participants with the skills and techniques to design, develop, and deploy analytic dashboards. Upon completion, each student receives a free TIBCO Spotfire® license for a year and a Dashboard or Forecast Specialist certificate awarded by She Loves Data. The first session sold out immediately, with 492 registrations! The program began in the Asia-Pacific region but will extend to the United States and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa in early 2021. Interested? Sign up for the next session here.   
  • Denver Office Food Donations: Due to COVID-19, our TIBCO Greenwood Village office has been closed. Under our contract for office refreshments and snacks, we are obligated to a minimum dollar amount per month. Our staff had a great idea then to make sure that the food will not go to waste. Each month, the office will order cases of non-perishable food and donating to local charitable organizations in Colorado. So far, in November and December, the office donated to two organizations, 1) Kenzi’s Causes, which supports underprivileged children and their families in Colorado by providing toys, food, and more during the holiday season each December, and 2) Nourish Meals on Wheels, a monthly grocery program which has been sending additional groceries every Wednesday along with the regular monthly groceries due to COVID-19.  
Food donations to Kenzi’s Causes by TIBCO in November 
  • City Harvest London: This year TIBCO4Good joined forces with City Harvest London to help feed the hungry, delivering surplus food to those who need it in a sustainable, safe way. Using TIBCO Labs’ innovative capabilities built on TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud, the team built a custom cloud-based application for optimizing operations and meeting increased demand due to COVID-19. If you’d like to get involved, City Harvest London launched a new campaign on December 1st called “The BIG Give” with the goal of raising £25,000 to feed 200,000 children and families across London. 
  • Missing Maps Partnership with Microsoft: For the second year, TIBCO partnered with Microsoft in the U.S. to assist in the online mapping of vulnerable areas through the Missing Maps initiative. Founded by the Red Cross, Missing Maps is an open collaboration project with the goal of filling in data gaps for places literally missing from the map. The teams collectively completed over 5,930 map edits of Indonesia with 168 volunteer hours logged. The work completed by TIBCO and Microsoft provides humanitarian organizations with valuable information to better facilitate disaster response, medical activities, and resource allocation when crises occur.
  • TIBCO GatherSmart™: To help friends, family, classmates, and coworkers gather smartly, TIBCO built a user-friendly solution for assessing and managing the readiness of participants to meet together again—TIBCO GatherSmart™. Leveraging the power of the TIBCO Cloud, organizations around the world, big or small, can use GatherSmart as we prepare to bring employees back into the office, students back on campus, audiences back to events, and manage any other gathering. Quick to set up, it’s accessible by mobile for administering daily check-ins. Plus, for those who qualify, it’s free, and now available on AWS marketplace. To learn more, watch this quick explainer video
Proving its commitment to helping organizations and communities face the biggest challenges facing our world, TIBCO’s promise to give back has only grown stronger over the last year. Click To Tweet

Keep a Bright Outlook in 2021

But we aren’t stopping there! In 2021, look out for many more TIBCO4Good stories as we participate and partner with more organizations to make a lasting positive impact. 
To learn more about current TIBCO4Good initiatives, stay up to date with upcoming programs, and get involved, visit www.tibco.com/tibco4good.