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The creation, capture, and application of data increasingly define the ways in which we engage with each other, live our lives, and utilize and sustain the resources of our planet. TIBCO exists to help thinkers and creators of innovative solutions apply data to solve problems that on the surface seem daunting and beyond reach.

The challenges facing our world—and the organizations and communities dedicated to using a data-centric approach to achieving both incremental and frame-breaking successes—require no less than the best technologies and expertise that TIBCO brings to industry. TIBCO4Good (T4G) recognizes the importance of giving back. T4G takes passion in our part in solving the impossible.

#TIBCO4Good is our promise to contribute software, training, expertise, and strategic guidance to approved partner organizations and communities. Simply put, here at TIBCO our mission is to solve meaningful human challenges through technology.

  • TIBCO is committed to these initiatives: Insights, Innovation, and Sustainability.




In order to solve tough problems, it is critical to start from a data-based foundation of facts. When stakeholders share a common understanding of history, change, and cause and effect, they are much better equipped to understand the nature and impact of the solutions that form the roadmaps of activities, investments, and impact. Accessing and unifying disparate and complex sources, finding the connections and patterns, and more confidently predicting the future are the most critical capabilities for finding the insights that shape innovation and impact.



Solving substantial societal problems relies on many of the same principles inherent in commercial or industrial innovation. But, it can be argued that these challenges require an even higher level of creativity, willingness to challenge past assumptions, and a break from the conventional approaches that have limited our abilities to make substantive change. For those committed to solving meaningful societal and environmental challenges, a culture of innovation is a requirement. A passion for facts, for alternatives, and for learning from experimentation characterize those organizations that find solutions and sustain their energy over the long term.



Organizations that initiate progressive, innovative programs often find the most difficult challenge is sustaining their momentum beyond the initial influx of energy and enthusiasm. Sustainable innovation requires a cultural shift that recognizes and rewards thinking differently, exhibits a higher level of tenacity, and finds new ways to address the problems that seem stuck in past unsuccessful attempts. Sustainable innovation never pauses on a single great moment of success. It requires constant questioning of what is affecting our goals and how we can adapt and keep ahead of the curve. It relies upon critical observations and the perfect balance of passion and data-centric purpose. It thrives when we recognize our successes and continue to raise the bar.

Success Stories

Data Shack

Data Shack

TIBCO partner Data-Shack, based in South Africa, is using data science to bring real change to a surprisingly innovative area. Data science has been used to tackle crucial issues in South Africa such as predicting where rhino poaching is going to occur in order to prevent it, protecting diamond mine assets from theft, and teaching young engineers to use analytics skills to contribute to Square Kilometer Array, the largest radio telescope ever built. This ebook shares how data science can be applied to solve real-world problems not only in Africa but around the world.

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Scottish Environment Protection Agency

Scottish Environment Protection Agency

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has millions of chemistry and ecology samples dating back to the 1960s. It needed a way to analyze this data so it could drive evidence-based environmental and business decisions. To bring its disparate data sources together so their true value and potential could be realized, SEPA chose TIBCO Spotfire® and TIBCO® Data Science software to provide powerful visualizations, web-based analytics, and data science capabilities.

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