TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh

A Blueprint for the Modern Application Architecture

TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh: A Blueprint for the Modern Application Architecture

Business agility is now a business imperative and it starts with a modern application architecture that is highly responsive to environments that change rapidly. Investments in a modern and responsive application architecture not only help make your business more resilient, but create a foundation for rapid innovation.

However, the characteristics of modern application architecture, and a strategy for modernizing existing architectures may not be clear. For several decades, TIBCO has gained vast experience by developing digital foundations for the world’s most successful organizations. And, inspired by feedback from customers, partners, and analysts, we introduce the TIBCO® Responsive Application Mesh, a blueprint for the modern application architecture that can help you achieve digital business excellence. It sets out TIBCO’s vision for a modern application architecture that leads to maximum enterprise agility and provides a framework for operationalizing it with the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Platform.

The TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh blueprint guides your organization through application architecture modernization, and through best practices for strategy, people, process, and technology.

Watch this webinar for an overview of the TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh.