“There’s Never Been a Better Time to Be a TIBCO Partner”: TIBCO NOW 2020 Partner Keynote Recap & Partner Excellence Awards

TIBCO SVP Tony Beller outlines the 3 initiatives of the TIBCO Partner Program
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“There’s never been a better time to be a TIBCO partner,” SVP Tony Beller shared during this year’s TIBCO NOW Partner Keynote. And he couldn’t be more right. 

Partners are critical to the livelihood of a software company, and TIBCO is no exception. At TIBCO, we recognize that collaborating with our partners is what creates mutual growth and success. As CEO Dan Streetman said, by “being better together, we can go faster together.” Together with our partners, we can take advantage of any data to make real-time decisions in order to create a connected experience for sustainable innovation. 

We’re taking our TIBCO Partner Program to the next level, with a three-prong strategy outlined by Beller: growth, innovation, and customer excellence. Starting with growth, we want to use our products and innovation to help our partners grow and expand their business. We want to grow with them and invest in their growth. The TIBCO Partner Program is shifting to meet our partners where their business model is. To facilitate this, TIBCO CMO Fred Studer introduced the Partner Marketing Launchpad, a way for partners to create personalized marketing campaigns using existing marketing materials. With the touch of a button, partners’ marketing campaigns become automated, co-branded, and can be shared on social. 

Secondly, we are working with our partners to help them transform their customers’ business with TIBCO technology. We innovate together with our partners to solve some of the world’s most complex business and data challenges. Our partners iSteer, ARRIA, and Ascention among many more have created innovative solutions leveraging TIBCO technology for their customers. To showcase and share the solutions they are creating for their customers in addition to what their peers are doing, partners will soon be able to access a new and improved “Partner Solution Directory”, making it easy for customers to find and access successful and innovative solutions.

Lastly, we want to continue to foster customer excellence. We’ve put forth a customer-centric approach for our partners that spans the entirety of the customer journey. This type of business model is proven to deliver higher customer engagement and help our partners outperform the competition. SVP Jeff Hess introduced TIBCO’s Customer Excellence (CEx) Framework, which combines value-based selling and value realization, giving partners access to best practices and documentation to address their customers’ needs, solution enablement, Centers of Practice, and a CEx certification to deliver customer excellence and value in a whole new way. This creates a feedback loop so partners can easily share what their customers are saying and their needs with TIBCO, so TIBCO can create better customer experiences and dramatically improve success. The end result? Sustainable innovation. 

During the Partner Keynote, we announced the global winners of the 2020 Partner Excellence Awards. The awards recognize partners that continue to innovate and deliver increasing customer success and excellence with TIBCO technologies. These partners enable sustainable business innovation within their customers’ businesses, as well as continue to deliver exceptional customer experiences and services.

Global Partner of the Year

The winner of this year’s Global Partner of the Year award goes to Accenture, a firm that defines what it means to be a global consultant. Accenture operates out of 200+ offices across 51 countries and drives innovation that touches every industry. As an innovator, it goes to market by industry and drives digital-centric, thought leadership into their vast customer base, often recommending TIBCO products & solutions as core components. Accenture has been a TIBCO partner for 16 years, working with TIBCO to shape and deliver innovative and competitive solutions.  Over the last year, Accenture’s TIBCO services revenue has nearly doubled, led by strong collaboration with TIBCO in the Italian and Southern European markets.

Global ISV Partner of the Year

The Global ISV Partner of the Year is awarded to ARRIA NLG, a world leader in natural language technologies. ARRIA provides its customers with the ability to add value to TIBCO Spotfire® dashboards by enhancing the user experience with natural language narrative insights. ARRIA’s technology gives Spotfire users the ability to instantly understand its dashboards through automatically generated narratives. As an example, ARRIA worked with TIBCO’s data science team to integrate natural language generation capabilities into the TIBCO Spotfire COVID-19 dashboard, in an effort to help provide global insight on the growing pandemic in real time.

Global New Partner of the Year

The Global New Partner of the Year is awarded to Ascention PTY Ltd. TIBCO recognizes the organization as one of the leading teams in the Australian and New Zealand markets for its knowledge and delivery in data governance, data management, shared data assets, and in driving quality outcome-based solutions for its clients’ complex projects. As an Elite Partner with TIBCO, Ascention has already set its sights high in terms of growth and expansion in its presence and capabilities. During TIBCO NOW Ascention proudly announced its new flagship solution, Citizen360TM, driven by TIBCO technologies and focusing on “Enabling the Value of Citizen Data for the Betterment of Government Services.”

Global Innovation Partner of the Year

The Global Innovation Partner of the Year is awarded to Noesis, an international tech consulting company that offers both services and solutions to drive digital transformation. With the help of TIBCO, Noesis is committed to continuously innovating and discovering new business opportunities, specifically helping with market strategy and encouraging more POCs. Noesis and TIBCO solve customers’ problems in the cloud via the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud platform, in addition to developing bespoke solutions based on TIBCO offerings. The organization plans to continue contributing to its customers’ digital transformation efforts, taking advantage of the potential for systems integration with robust and highly reliable technology.

Global High Velocity Partner of the Year

The Global High Velocity Partner of the Year is awarded to Cadeon Inc. The company’s portfolio of offerings includes data virtualization, data visualization and analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and enterprise information architecture solutions. TIBCO provides Cadeon with a digital transformation stack, specifically TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO® Data Virtualization, that enables its customers to add additional capabilities to their information management environments quickly and easily with proven complementary technologies. Additionally, Cadeon delivers training to its customers to maximize their investment in TIBCO technologies. As an Elite TIBCO partner, Cadeon has experienced more than 200 percent sales growth and services growth of 70 percent.

Latin America Partner of the Year

The Latin America Partner of the Year is awarded to Alldatum who supports businesses in their roadmap to data maturity. By leveraging TIBCO EBX® and TIBCO Data Virtualization, this partner helps customers innovate and support a sustainable digital transformation journey. All this while maintaining a keen focus on overcoming challenges and creating opportunities for the customers around their critical data management initiatives. Alldatum has developed a best-in-class team with deep expertise, broad customer experience, and the drive to support rapid business impact for its clients.

Middle East and North Africa Partner of the Year

The Middle East and North African Partner of the Year is awarded to Bahwan Cybertek, a global provider of digital transformation solutions in predictive analytics, digital experience, and digital supply chain management. Together with TIBCO’s robust technology platform, Bahwan Cybertek leverages its exceptional technical and cross-domain expertise across various industries to create innovative solutions and enhance stakeholder and customer value. As a result, Bahwan Cybertek’s customers see faster time-to-market, broader technology options, company-wide collaboration, and the ability to integrate current products with new solutions.

North America Partner of the Year

The North America Partner of the Year is awarded to iSteer, which has been a TIBCO partner for over 10 years. They use TIBCO’s Connect, Unify, and Predict product portfolios to deliver future-proof and sustainable solutions to customers. We’re proud that the company has grown  130% in the past two years. They have new customer acquisitions across healthcare, food and beverage, finance, and manufacturing verticals. iSteer’s produces what customers want in a fraction of the time, with fewer people, at lower overall cost, while getting the product to market when it is most relevant to target customers and they do this all with smarter IT solutions powered by TIBCO.

Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Partner of the Year

The EMEA Partner of the Year award goes to a leading data advisory company, Apgar Consulting for using TIBCO’s Unify solutions to give its customers a single platform to better manage their most important data consistently, collaboratively, and securely. In the last 18 months, Apgar Consulting increased its revenue by 40 percent and expanded operations into North America. Thanks to its data catalog and ability to combine data from various systems, Apgar customers generate insights quicker, cheaper, and in a more sustainable fashion. 

 Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) Partner of the Year

The APJ Partner of the Year is awarded to MFEC Public Company Limited. They are one of the largest IT Solution providers in Thailand and with TIBCO, MFEC delivers data analytics and data management solutions to its customers that give quicker time-to-insight, plus increased application stability and reliability. As a TIBCO partner, MFEC Public Company grew by 40 percent in the last 18 months. 

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