TIBCO NOW DAY 1 RECAP: Setting the Stage for Sustainable Innovation

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Over 5,800 attendees from over 80 countries and people representing almost every industry tuned in to the first-ever all-digital TIBCO NOW Connected Experience for the first day of TIBCO NOW. Participating in keynotes and breakout sessions, accessing labs and certifications, and networking with peers, attendees got to mingle with some of the top minds in innovation today from forward-thinking organizations like the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, Levi Strauss, Biogen, Dartmouth College, and more. 

This year’s event gives organizations an opportunity to learn from the experts how they can sustain their innovation capabilities. Innovation, constant evolution, and acceleration is vital to digital businesses. TIBCO propels Sustainable Innovation with technology frameworks, supported by proven solutions, best practices, and techniques that support customers’ need for continual business reinvention. Our annual event is the place where organizations can embrace a new way of working with proven methods and expert teachings. 

Keynotes that Set the Stage for Sustainable Innovation

Day 1 featured two special guests, Jen Sey, SVP & CM for Levi Strauss, and Charlotte Yarkoni, CVP of Commerce & Ecosystems at Microsoft. Both executives spoke about how they use innovation and data to meet customers where their needs are. 

“Innovation has always been in our genes,” said Sey (no pun intended). From the first pair of coveralls, Levi’s has always been an innovator and problem solver who innovates in every aspect of the company. An example of a recent product innovation is waterless finishes, the finishes that would make jeans comfortable to wear. This process reduces water usage by 98 percent. What’s more, the process has been open-sourced, allowing it to be adopted by other companies in the industry. 

At Microsoft, Yarkoni’s goal is to “give a voice to those who don’t have it” and to “leave the world a better place than we found it.” Yarkoni and Microsoft believe heavily in feedback loops to improve engagement, empower, and enable people to achieve their goals. The company listens and learns from the data to make more intelligent decisions and foster innovation.

For Yarkoni, sustainable innovation is all about “how to optimize time, focus on data and how important it is, and taking care of yourself and those around you to then be able to care for your customers.”

We truly appreciate the inspirational words from our guest speakers and hope they gave you a glimpse into how you can build a foundation of innovation across your entire organization.

What We Announced

AT TIBCO, we know that technology impacts every aspect of our lives and that we must always innovate with the community in mind. That’s why we announced the TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh, Hyperconverged Analytics, and Any Data Hub—a host of technologies and proven methodologies to help our customers sustain innovation. Being hyperconnected, using artificial intelligence and data science, and empowering everyone in your organization with data is how you will innovate today and how you will innovate into the future. Stay tuned for more detailed, key product updates in the next few days.

Customer Speakers, Partners, and Sponsors

Our work wouldn’t be complete without the help of our customer speakers, partners, and sponsors who share our passion and strength in addressing the most complex data needs with data-centric tools and strategies. Partners like AWS allow us to create new value for customers by extending their existing IT and our solutions to digitally transform the business. 

Some standouts from today include a session with researchers from Washington University who are using data science and visual analytics to perform precision medicine, screening thousands of cell mutations to find and fix the ones that cause neurological diseases. And City Harvest International who collaborated with TIBCO LABS to implement a cloud-based platform to connect supply and demand, optimize their logistics, and successfully scale to meet unprecedented demand during the pandemic.

We also announced our TIBCO Partner Excellence awards, recognizing our partners that consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences and services. Congrats to Accenture, ARRIA NLG, Ascention, Noesis, Cadeon, Alldatum, Apgar Consulting, MFEC Public Company Limited, and Bahwan Cybertek and iSteer who continue to innovate and deliver increasing customer success and excellence with TIBCO technologies. Read our latest blog for a recap of the partner keynote, check out our blog.

Our customers and partners are our innovators. It’s through them that we can go faster together. Please join us for two more days of innovation, inspiration, and sustainability with them. 

As Fred Studer, CMO said, treat TIBCO NOW like your backstage pass to experience sustainable innovation in action with TIBCO product certifications, deep dives, great discussions, and more. Sustainable innovation is a mindset and a driving force for change. It’s not just a fad to keep with current times but change that forces you to rethink how and why you do things. It’s about making your customers’ lives and businesses better. We hope through our deep dives, TIBCO product certifications, and expert talks, you will drive forward to shift and transform your culture, products, and processes – without looking back. 

Sustainable innovation is a mindset and a driving force for change. It’s not just a fad to keep with current times but change that forces you to rethink how and why you do things. It's about making your customers’ lives and businesses better. Click To Tweet

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