Make Your Business More Agile with the TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh

TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh
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With a range of unprecedented forces continuing to disrupt all industries across the globe, one fact has become evidently clear: Business agility—the ability to rapidly change any and all aspects of how a business operates in the face of new market conditions—is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’, but rather a business imperative.

Today, businesses largely execute and automate their operational processes through applications and data rather than via manual, paper-based approaches.  So an obvious starting point for increasing business agility is to ensure that the architecture that underpins your applications and data is itself highly agile. That means that your architecture needs to adapt to new capabilities quickly, apply the right computing resources to meet any level of demand while using those resources very efficiently, learn from data to automate and optimize outcomes, and be able to be used by all types of users to improve your business.  

At TIBCO, we’ve seen the benefits created by modern approaches to application architecture across thousands of customer engagements. We want to bring that knowledge and experience to you in an easy to consume way.  Earlier this year, we consolidated the vast experience we’ve gained in helping clients with their digital transformation initiatives into the TIBCO® Responsive Application Mesh. It is designed to help Information Technology (IT) leaders evolve rigid, legacy application architectures into highly flexible digital platforms using modern cloud-based technologies. 

You might assume that the TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh is a new product, however, it is a much broader concept.  Consider a simple analogy: Imagine a box of plastic building blocks, a toy that a child plays with to create different things—like a spaceship or a castle—by snapping the blocks together. Such a toy consists of several components:

  • A picture on the box containing the blocks that illustrates what the child will end up creating (a vision)
  • A booklet with step-by-step instructions for assembling the blocks to create the picture on the box (a blueprint)
  • The building blocks themselves in various shapes, sizes, and colors (the technology)

All of these components—vision, guidance, and technology—combine to help a child build something valuable (and fun!).  

Similar to the child’s building blocks toy, the TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh gives you a vision, blueprint, and technology. The vision will help you transform IT and your application architecture into a modern one that will generate more value from your existing assets and lead to increased business agility. The blueprint provides experience-based guidance and recommendations to help you achieve the vision of your evolved architecture. And, the TIBCO Responsive App Mesh offers market-leading technology delivered within the TIBCO Connected Intelligent Platform that will help get you there. The Responsive App Mesh is the union of vision, blueprint, and technologies – like the box of legos – to help evolve your legacy application architectures into a modern, flexible one. 

But what exactly does a “responsive application mesh” look like and what are the components of one? Is it a brand new concept with new technologies? You’ve likely evolved your application architecture to include some of the elements of a responsive application mesh already. The TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh blueprint goes farther with these and other modern components to help you achieve the full potential of your application architecture and realize maximum agility.  By following the TIBCO Responsive Application blueprint, your application architecture will:

  • Be built on a cloud-native architecture that is able to respond intelligently to events. 
  • Focus on implementing core business logic within applications built with highly flexible microservices and functions. 
  • Interconnect applications with business events and APIs across an architectural mesh that allows you to discover, manage, and secure them.

Based on our decades of experience, TIBCO recognizes that evolving to a responsive application mesh requires more than just the implementation of new technologies.  It also involves an evolution of IT itself as a service delivery organization.  Therefore, the TIBCO Responsive Application helps guide you to:

  • Define Your IT Strategy
  • Select An Application Architectural Approach
  • Operationalize IT Processes
  • Institute Best Practices 
The Responsive App Mesh is the union of vision, blueprint, and technologies – like the box of legos – to help evolve your legacy application architectures into a modern, flexible one. Click To Tweet

To help you start your journey to a responsive application mesh, TIBCO invites you to read a new series of white papers that detail each of these focus areas.  Your TIBCO representative can then work with you on the next steps to take to continue your journey.