TIBCO NOW DAY 2 RECAP: Building the Momentum for Sustainable Innovation

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Sustainable business practices and data-centric tools are critical components for long term financial performance as well as societal impact. This year’s TIBCO NOW is a forum that shows organizations what it takes to re-invent themselves now and into the future. We call it “Sustainable Innovation”. 

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We’re back for Day 2!

The second day of this year’s TIBCO NOW built upon the discussions of why sustainable business practices and data-centric tools are critical to very practical discussions with our customers, our team, and our guests about how organizations can build a foundation for sustainable innovation. 

”Data is the common element,” explained Dan Streetman, our CEO. “How data connects systems, people, and devices. How we manage, unify, and bring order to that data and ultimately how we build on that data foundation to make faster, smarter decisions is how you build a framework for sustainable innovation.” 

Demand for real-time consumption of data increases daily. But, delivering that data in real-time with context remains elusive. The data-centric technologies offered by TIBCO form the foundation of repeatable innovation. At TIBCO, we want to be a critical part of connecting your enterprise, unifying all your data, and helping you to confidently predict your future. 

Thriving In the New Normal

Like most organizations today, many of our customers talked about confronting the challenges of COVID-19.  We had the pleasure of hearing from John Meister, SVP & CIO of Panera Bread, Lauren Winningham, CEO of City Harvest London, and Mitch Davis, VP & CIO of Dartmouth on how they were able to pivot their businesses during the global pandemic. 

Panera Bread, who had already worked with TIBCO to build a strong data foundation, was able to create and deploy an entirely new service, Panera Grocery, in just 10 days, providing customers with a new, consistent grocery experience and contactless delivery in an incredibly short time frame. City Harvest London explained how TIBCO helped connect and access the information it needed to quickly respond to changing supply and demand to ensure people were being fed during the pandemic, as numbers of hungry steadily grew. Lastly, we heard how Dartmouth is working to implement TIBCO GatherSmart to help students safely return to campus for the upcoming academic year. 

What the pandemic has revealed is that an organization’s data and culture is foundational to everything that they do. Disruption doesn’t create a culture or a foundation, it reveals them. Both technology and a data-centric culture that’s open to innovation enabled these organizations to not just survive in the pandemic, but thrive in it. 

Product Announcements

One of the most exciting parts of TIBCO NOW: new product releases and updates. COO Matt Quinn introduced the idea of the “art of the possible”, which was the mantra used by our product teams when developing these new products. They challenged preconceived notions about why something can’t be done; used practical imagination; and looked to solve old problems in new ways.

This mantra fueled our company’s (and customer’s) brightest minds to come up with TIBCO® Responsive Application Mesh, TIBCO® Hyperconverged Analytics, and TIBCO® Any Data Hub. 

  • TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh is designed to help IT leaders evolve rigid, legacy application architectures into highly flexible digital platforms using modern cloud-based technologies. Additional technologies released to support TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh are TIBCO Cloud™ Integration – Big Basin, TIBCO Cloud™ Mesh, TIBCO BusinessEvents® 6, and TIBCO® BPM Enterprise 5.
  • TIBCO Hyperconverged Analytics provides immersive, smart, and real-time analytics to data-driven businesses by combining visual analytics, streaming analytics, and data science into one platform. As part of the Hyperconverged Analytics experience, the company also unveiled TIBCO Spotfire® 11 (with all new MODS to unlock the creativity and passion of our developer community) and TIBCO Cloud Data Streams, which dramatically accelerate insights and actions for businesses.
  • TIBCO Any Data Hub is an all-encompassing data management blueprint that embraces distributed data environments, supporting the demand for accurate and consistent data across the organization with trust and control, aligning IT, and the business. A central component is TIBCO® Data Virtualization 8.3, which offers a series of enhancements that enable customers to break down data silos and present a unified view of data.

At TIBCO, we continue to double down on our technology investments to create more connected experiences. This year, we had three broad strategic goals for our products: make them cloud-native, use AI as the foundation, and build open-source technologies—all contributing to a modern digital business platform. A digital platform built on this foundation is critical to helping you stay ahead of the competition. 

F1, Padma Lakshmi, TIBCO LABS, Oh my

The day was packed with other great speakers and breakout sessions including our CMO Fred Studer who sat down with author and food activist Padma Lakshmi to talk about the impact of food on innovation and the role innovation plays in promoting a more healthy and vibrant world. Both Padma and TIBCO share a deep passion for connecting people and both understand the power of connectivity. Driving alignment and finding joy in the experience of food brings people together and creates diverse thinking, an important factor in fostering innovation. One word of advice from Padma: when you go to a new country, be bold, and ask the cab drivers and other locals where they like to eat. “We’ve just gotten disconnected; we’re focused on our tech, we’re busy, but nothing beats human interaction and looking someone in the eye and just talking to them.” Food has been a bright light during this pandemic, and connecting with others is the only way to move forward.

Dan also spoke with Toto Wolff, Team Principal at Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One—one of our many partners that we support with analytics—who said, “Everything in our business is about data – none of the performance we achieve would be possible without data.” Relying on the competitive edge that data gives to Mercedes-AMG Petronas for the last 7 years, the team has achieved 99 wins and 6 World Championships. He also said that critical leaders provide connectedness, transparency, and insights. You are only as good as the people that work for you.

Also on the agenda was a great session on TIBCO LABS from CTO Nelson Petracek and CAO Michael O’Connell. TIBCO LABS works directly with customers and partners to drive innovation and solve tough business problems. This session included digital twins, asset health, process mining, and GatherSmart case studies; highlighting the rapid development of responsive AI apps with real-time features, hybrid cloud data, and a smooth connected experience.


Each of the innovative teams and individual contributors we heard from today knows their customers, knows what matters to them, and they know the impact of data. They’ve shown that they all have the ability to adapt. They are not intimidated by the problem but rather fueled by the challenges they face. These companies have cultures that support bold investments and are willing to take intelligent risks. Even during these unprecedented times, together we are thriving and we’re excited about how we can emerge stronger and more capable. 

Demand for real-time consumption of data increases daily. But, delivering that data in real-time with context remains elusive. Click To Tweet

Thank you again to our partners, customers, and sponsors that have given their time to make this such a great event.

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