What to do when Conan O’Brien Crashes your Conference Call

Conan O'Brien Crashes TIBCO Zoom
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With many people working from home at TIBCO and around the world right now, it’s important to brush up on video conference etiquette. As a group of TIBCO employees recently found out first-hand, it’s wise to be prepared for anything.

What started as a routine video conference among the TIBCO sales team quickly took a turn towards the surreal when CEO Dan Streetman was interrupted mid-sentence by comedy icon Conan O’Brien. The late-night host crashed the meeting to share some rather unconventional advice, as you can see below:

So what did we take away from this unique experience? Besides raucous laughter, it left us with a few useful reminders:

Go with the flow

With many colleagues working from home, it’s never a bad idea to expect the unexpected. Calls can be interrupted by bad wifi connections, family members, pets, and even the occasional 4-time Emmy-winning comedian. The important thing to remember is to be patient and take everything in stride.

Have some fun

It doesn’t take a celebrity guest star to help boost a team’s morale remotely (though it certainly doesn’t hurt!). From virtual happy hours to video conference trivia competitions, there are plenty of ways that this technology can help us not only be more productive but more connected to one another as well. 

Oh yeah… don’t forget to check your security settings

While Conan’s appearance was a surprise to those in the room—it was pre-arranged with a bit of TV magic. Nevertheless, it was a helpful reminder that without a secure and password-protected conference room, any call is potentially vulnerable to intruders, some of whom might not be as well-intentioned as Mr. O’Brien.