Capture and Use Real-time Data from Kafka for Better Business Decisions

Capture and Use Real-time Data from Kafka TIBCO
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Most organizations today ignore real-time data because they do not have the capability to process it and use it in everyday business. For most, capturing real-time data and using it to make decisions is a pipe dream that would cost millions of dollars to set up and run and is just simply out of reach. However, what’s the use in storing data being piped in from Kafka in a data lake, only to examine it later and find out your customer was looking for a coupon? That opportunity has long since passed. Imagine that scenario x1000 in everyday business.

Recent innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and continuous learning (CL) help make these innovative systems accessible to any company—without requiring a robust team of data scientists to gain real-time insights. Like an algorithmic canary in a digital coal mine, CL tools help organizations take action in the present and help predict the future more accurately. 

What’s more, you don’t need to build expensive systems or hire experts to get the most value from your real-time data. Now, TIBCO provides enterprise-level support for Kafka, and has embedded CL in TIBCO Spotfire® Data Streams software so it can be used via a click of a mouse. This user-friendly interface means business users, not just data scientists, can get involved. 

And, any continuously changing environment is fertile ground: algorithmic trading, connected homes, hospital infection avoidance, open banking, emergency response, customer engagement, risk management, oil drilling, wind and solar power generation, driverless cars, military intelligence, and homeland security.  

For a digital business connected by Kafka and other real-time infrastructure, continuous learning provides greater agility and the ability to respond to changing patterns, without solely depending on the typical modeling lifecycle based on historical data. 

TIBCO has now made CL an attainable reality. Now companies can take advantage of their real-time data from Kafka. For more, read this whitepaper: Get the Most Out of Kafka with Continuous Learning.