5 Most Popular Blogs of 2019

TIBCO's 5 Most Read Blogs 2019
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As the year comes to a close, we wanted to share with you the top blogs that piqued our readers’ interest in 2019. After 200 blog posts chock full of insights, tips, and tricks garnered from our incredible developer community, partners, and customers, our posts covered a wide range of topics; from how you can use AI to augment your analytics, to the top 5 things to know about how event-driven APIs and Apache Kafka are pushing the envelope for real-time architecture and the many benefits of data management including how it can give you a comprehensive, 360-degree view of your data from all your disparate data sources. Here are the five most popular blog posts in 2019.

1. Recognizing Innovation Everywhere: The TIBCO NOW Global Tour 2019 Customer Trailblazer Awards

Our customers are constantly paving the road to digital transformation. And nothing makes us prouder than to brag about how we help them grow their businesses and innovate.  At our final TIBCO NOW annual event in London, we recognized our customers Siemens Mobility, Campari Group, Three UK, and Renault for being pioneers, transformers, visionaries, and making an impact in each of their respective industries. TIBCO is proud to work with industry leaders pushing the boundaries of innovation to achieve digital transformation. Interested in who the trailblazers were in your region? Here are the winners for the Americas and APJ

2. If SAP Runs your Business, TIBCO Connects your Digital Business—Certifiably

Your SAP implementation maintains not only your vital business processes but also your core business data used by those processes. With full connectivity provided through TIBCO Cloud™ Integration, you can create a single source of business truth in your organization by keeping all business systems in sync with your SAP implementation automatically. In this blog, learn how to break down information silos and make sure your SAP data is complete, accurate, and timely throughout your enterprise. You might also be interested in this blog about how to choose the right integration solution or this blog about strategically using integration as a weapon for innovation

3. Exploring NYC Traffic Accidents with Spotfire

In December, at  Forrester’s inaugural Data Strategy & Insights event we did a live demo using the all-new TIBCO Spotfire® to explore important correlations between NYC traffic accidents. Spotfire now uses machine learning and AI to help users discover insights more quickly and easily and that was made clear in the cool demo. Imagine what you could do with all that power behind your analytics?  

4. Four Steps Forward into the Future of Augmented Analytics: Recapping Spotfire 10.3

At TIBCO, we listen to what our users ask for and deliver on those requests. This year, Spotfire added some pretty ground-breaking, revolutionary capabilities that set it apart from your average analytics tool. Spotfire now boasts: AI-powered geoanalytics, added data connectivity for Snowflake and more, building better user experience, and simplified data wrangling. It’s all you could want in an analytics platform and more.

5. TIBCO and Ping Identity Team Up to Deliver Advanced API Security to Customers

This year TIBCO announced a new partnership with Ping Identity, to provide cutting-edge API security solutions to customers. This collaboration helps enterprises improve security measures, keep sensitive data private, and remain compliant with data privacy regulations. TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery®, a cloud-native API management platform with advanced API security features, will be integrated with Ping Identity’s PingIntelligence, an AI-driven API security platform. Use the power of artificial intelligence to prevent and deal with cyber threats automatically.

We’ve got tons of new tech trends, tips and tricks for you in 2019. Stay tuned for more on how we will continue to empower your business users, delight your customers, and solve your toughest business challenges in 2020!