TIBCO Wants Everyone to Be an Integrator

TIBCO Wants Everyone to Integrate
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At the recent Microsoft Ignite enterprise developer conference, CEO Satya Nadella stated that Microsoft wants “…every organization to be a digital software company.”  Integration forms the foundation of every digital software company.  And as a conference Platinum sponsor, TIBCO had the opportunity to speak to a large number of IT professionals about their integration challenges.  A key need they communicated to us is that they wanted to enable people across their enterprise to create integrations themselves in a self-service environment so that they could connect everything across their business more rapidly.  This need aligns perfectly with our strategy for integration at TIBCO: We want everybody in your company to be an integrator.

Empower everyone to integrate anything 

In a previous blog, I outlined how TIBCO Cloud™ Integration empowers not only traditional integrators but also different roles outside of the IT department to participate in integration processes. It is a Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) designed with a variety of user experiences, each tailored to a different integration skill set and use case. This not only accelerates integrations but also leads to greater innovation from people in the business who have the best context for innovation opportunities. Further, by reducing IT backlog, it helps IT professionals focus more on providing integration expertise and best practices across the enterprise.

TIBCO Cloud Integration not only empowers diverse integrators, but we bring them together in a collaborative, governed environment where they can do really cool things together to create a truly differentiating digital platform for your business. With TIBCO Cloud Integration, for example, IT professionals and developers can focus on architecting a modern digital platform and developing transformative digital services, while business-oriented users can utilize them to design digital business scenarios – all within a single environment. 

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration creates teams of integrators throughout the business

For example, at this year’s Microsoft Ignite conference, where we were a platinum sponsor, TIBCO showcased a powerful demo of digital transformation at work. The demo illustrated how developers and non-developers can work together seamlessly within TIBCO Cloud Integration to automate order processing and fulfillment.

The demo uses a fictitious awning company that offers a wide variety of fabrics and colors for their awnings, and they use a just-in-time manufacturing process to custom-build each awning to the exact specifications of their customers’ needs.  Order details are captured within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, which need to be sent immediately to the company’s manufacturing system. Thanks to TIBCO integration, this happens seamlessly and in real time.

At the same time, the awning manufacturer demo showcased an IoT scenario.  Sensors embedded into the awnings are integrated using TIBCO technologies to provide customers with alerts on environmental conditions that may impact their awning or require action.  For example, the customer could be alerted to close their awning when it is raining or when the sun sets for the evening.

As you can see through this demo, two different skill sets within and outside of the IT department can work together to build something that is really cool. 

Choose the organizational structure that works best for you

TIBCO Cloud Integration allows you to create separately governed organizations for teams to work within.  You can create organizations to model the integration lifecycle of individual integrations, such as for development, QA, and production.  Or you can create organizations for different departments and teams across your organization, such as for HR, Marketing, and Product Development.  You have the flexibility to choose the organizational structure in TIBCO Cloud Integration that works best for you.

And not only that, because all of the capabilities of TIBCO Cloud Integration are now available within Microsoft Azure as well as Amazon Web Services (AWS), you have the flexibility to choose where you develop and run your integration. TIBCO has a large number of available connectors that can integrate any type of information asset, including several for the Microsoft ecosystem 

You can try TIBCO Cloud Integration for 30 days at no charge by registering for a trial edition, and turn everyone in your organization into an integrator today.