Putting Data to Work: How TIBCO Customers Harness the Power of Data

How TIBCO Customers Harness the Power of Data
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The challenge that many organizations now face is to manage data that is representative of business problems and apply visual analytics and data science to identify insights and drive actions on the business. As TIBCO Chief Analytics Officer Michael O’Connell said during the 2019 TIBCO Analytics Forum (TAF), “Today, there are data and notifications everywhere. It’s getting crazy to keep up with the metadata and AI suggestions. So how do we put data and AI to work for us; to help us address our business challenges?” 

This idea of putting analytics to work to push the limits and drive extreme value appeared throughout the conference across breakout sessions, conversations among customers and partners in the expo hall, and even in the hackathon challenge. 

From Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport’s fastest F1 car on the planet, to 7 nanometer semiconductor manufacturing, high resolution 30 cm satellite imagery, 3D seismic data analysis, image analysis on video event streams, digital twins with 2M+ process parameters, high content screening and biomarker analysis, disaggregated supply chains—it was all on display at the TIBCO Analytics Forum.

Analytics at Work for Customers and Partners at TAF 2019

TIBCO Partners like Schlumberger, IHS Markit, PDF Solutions, Petro.ai, Riteway Sales and Marketing, OAG Analytics, Change Healthcare, Perkin Elmer — have chosen TIBCO and Spotfire as the analytics backbone for their new and innovative products. These applications are delivering data management and analytics insights and actions, across healthcare, energy, CPG, retail, high tech manufacturing, transportation and logistics. The solutions were on display at TAF, with partners deploying analytics either on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment using the TIBCO platform. 

TIBCO’s customers presented a wide variety of analytic applications, many supporting tens of thousands of users, managing businesses and operations at scale. Visual analytics, geoanalytics, data prep, data management, data science and data streams. TIBCO solves the tough analytics problems and deployment challenges, when other technologies run out of gas. 

We heard from customers on a wide variety of mission critical topics:

  • Airbus Defence and Space: Building our Future with TIBCO, Visualizing Ground Assets with Custom Satellite and Drone Imagery and Analytics
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): Open Subsurface Data Universe 
  • Bayer: F.A.I.R. Principles Empowering Visual Analytics with TIBCO Spotfire
  • Change Healthcare: Improve your Data Strategy: TIBCO Data Virtualization in Healthcare Organizations and Other Explorer Updates; Analytics to Improve Population Health & Reduce Variations in Care; Chatbot Implementation in Spotfire to Retrieve Specific Insights from Any Dashboard; Hey Siri. Take Me to Value-based Care!
  • ConocoPhillips: Supplier Spend Analytics
  • Enertel: Plug & Abandon Excel; Streaming Oil & Gas Production and Economic Modeling in Spotfire
  • Explore Digits: Analytics Modernization Leveraging TIBCO Data Science and AWS 
  • i2 enabled: TIBCO Analytics in the Classroom & Beyond
  • IHS Markit: Defining Stratigraphic Features from Seismic Attributes using Multivariate Analytics Techniques; How Much Running Room Does the Shale Revolution Have Left
  • Norton Healthcare:  Cultivating Physician Engagement with Data
  • OAG Analytics: Using AI to Improve Well Spacing with TIBCO Spotfire and AWS SageMaker
  • Oxy: Competitor Surveillance analytics Application 
  • PDF Solutions: Cognitize Analytics for Semiconductor Manufacturing, A Smart Testing Application 
  • Petro.ai: Troy Ruths, Founder and CEO, keynote speaker at General Session
  • Riteway Sales and Marketing: Making Spotfire End User Friendly while Gaining 100% Adoption 
  • Samsung Austin Semiconductor: Creating a Self-Service Data Analysis Culture
  • Schlumberger: Transforming Unconventional – A Digital Journey Where AI, Analytics, and Automation Meets True Big Data
  • USDA AMS Cotton Program: USDA Cotton Program Picks TIBCO Spotfire for Operational Efficiency 
  • Western Digital, Inc.: TIBCO Spotfire Deployment and Governance in the Global Enterprise

TIBCO’s analytics and data management solutions help companies speed time to insight from data, and drive actions that impact the business. With artificial intelligence (AI) that automates the mundane grunt work and fosters innovation at a higher level, our analytics platform helps businesses get insights into operation. Read on for just a few examples of the powerful stories of companies using TIBCO Spotfire® as their analytics backbone shared at TAF 2019:

  • Explore Digits: As a startup focused on data and analytics for the healthcare industry, Explore Digits is excited about all the ways (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques can drive innovation for the industry. When we interviewed Ravi Hubbly, co-founder and president, explained that “healthcare has a lot of potential ways to become much more efficient and much more effective.”

Watch the full interview here. 

  • OAG Analytics: Luther Birdzell founded OAG Analytics in 2013 to democratize AI and ML for upstream oil and gas. More specifically, OAG Analytics helps with field predictivity planning, helping U.S. companies space wells so that they don’t cannibalize production from each other but still have the optimal number of wells in operation. Birdzell claims, “No matter how fancy the analytics get, it all starts with the data.” OAG is working with TIBCO and AWS to bring analytics to Energy Sector customers.

Watch the full interview here. 

  • IHS Markit: As a company all about data, from automotive to the military to finance and of course the energy industry, IHS Markit relies on TIBCO to get quick analytical data to its clients. Principal Product Manager, Andrea Anderson, talked with us about this need to analyze data fast and get answers quickly, saying her knowledge of Spotfire® often helps her to see trends in overall performance and deliver insights that clients didn’t even realize they needed. 

Watch the full interview here.

  • PDF Solutions: Started in 1994, PDF Solutions, not to be mistaken with another similarly named popular file format, provides services and software to semiconductor manufacturers. According to Ken Harris, “We use TIBCO as our visualization engine for our analytics platform which spans the entire product lifecycle from product design to manufacturing to assembly, test, and into the field.” That means a massive amount of data is produced, which PDF Solutions leverages using TIBCO to help clients improve their products from smartphones to electric cars. 

Watch the full interview here. 

  • Riteway Sales and Marketing: This sales and services agency needed to be able to drill into multiple layers of clients’ data and get insights on the fly. That interaction capability was why it turned to TIBCO. In fact, Director of Marketing Elisa Westlund stated, “Working with TIBCO Spotfire® we’re doing a lot of analytics in advanced ways to manage some of the emerging trends within the grocery retail industry like plant-based foods.”

Watch the full interview here. 

TAF 2019 was full of these inspiring stories. The event was so powerful because of the thoughtful people in attendance, leaders in a hyper-competitive world that’s teaming with AI suggestions and analytics applied everywhere. But across the board, companies from every industry are choosing TIBCO now and in the future to build new and innovative products to solve their biggest data challenges.

Assigning Attendees to “Data Work” at Hackathon and Trainings

Ending on a high note, TIBCO issued its own data challenge to attendees. Using the power of easy-to-use TIBCO Analytics products, including TIBCO Spotfire® visualizations, TAF 2019 attendees took part in a guided hackathon. 


TAF 2019 also offered beginner and advanced training of TIBCO Spotfire where attendees learned to create dashboards from scratch, use artificial intelligence to explore information, and even how to use advanced calculations with TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR). 

The Training and Hackathon were popular, with hundreds of Spotfire enthusiasts taking part. Congrats to the 2019 Winners!

  • 1st – Ivan Leung, Oxy
  • 2nd – Derrick Roberts, Enterprise Products
  • 3rd – Atheer Al Attar, Enterprise Products
  • 4th – Richard Barthel, Texas Instruments
TIBCO Analytics Forum hackathon winners, along with TIBCO CAO Michael O’Connell and data scientists, Neil Kanungo and Andrew Berridge 

Work Smarter, Not Harder, with TIBCO 

Ready to take charge of your analytics strategy and remove the grunt work of time-consuming data prep? Get started with TIBCO’s analytics solutions to make everyone in tech more productive from data stewards and data engineers to data scientists and citizen data scientists to business analysts and developers. TIBCO can help you augment the intelligence of your organization and unify your shared data assets like the companies mentioned above to innovate and win. 

For more, check out our community page to see all that was covered at this groundbreaking event, and make sure to join us September 22-24 in Las Vegas for TIBCO NOW 2020