TIBCO, Technology, and Sports For the Win

TIBCO Sports and Technology
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You might be wondering what TIBCO and sports have in common. The answer: technology. Within the sports industry, there is no shortage of data that teams and other organizations are using to discover valuable insights about their fans, transactions, and third-party partners. We’ve leveraged technology and apply it to some of the world’s most popular sports and sports organizations to help them compete and win. 

From every kickoff to every point scored, TIBCO is there to help teams and organizations across the finish line. With TIBCO’s solutions for cloud integration and advanced analytics, we stand by our customers and partners in their journey to become digital leaders in the sports industry. Below are a few of the companies that we have helped compete and win in business:

  • Capitalizing on Data for Statistics: Ever wanted to get statistics on some of your favorite sports teams? Look no further than Sportradar, the official provider of sports data in North America. With TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery it built an API portal to handle its growing traffic and make data more consumable for customers. As a result, the company saw increased speed, security, streaming, SSO, superior UX, and total reliability in delivering stats to its customers. Read how it provided customers with the sports data they desired.  
  • Data for Speed Optimization: For over 14 years, we’ve supported Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank Women’s Cycling Team (Team TIBCO-SVB). We’ve watched as the team has raced all over the world, attracting tens of millions of spectators. As the longest-running professional women’s cycling team in North America, it has won numerous national championships, facing off against some of the fiercest cycling competition out there. But in order to compete at such a high level, these riders need to constantly gather and analyze data about their performance for continuous improvement. Learn more about how they use data for a competitive edge. 
  • Optimizing MMA Fighting with TIBCO Spotfire: You wouldn’t think that MMA fighting and TIBCO Spotfire® would have anything in common. On the contrary—Spotfire® can be used to tap into the human body as a source of data. Signals can be received from muscles to better understand contractions, intensity, velocity, and ultimately the point of fatigue. This data can then be displayed on a live dashboard to help coaches optimize fighters’ training and performance. Read the use case

These are just a few of the many sports teams, organizations, and events that we’ve helped with our technology. Additional organizations include but are not limited to Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, TXODDS, and the Cricket World Cup

Learn more about how those in the sports industry are leveraging our Connected Intelligence platform and how you too can apply the same technology to your business.