Love Analytics, Crazy About Cricket? Get Your Own World Cup Predictor!

Cricket World Cup Predictor_Edited_053019_01.mp4

The wait is over - the Cricket World Cup is here. Who are you supporting? And how will your team do?  

The team here at TIBCO loves cricket, too. So we thought, what could be better than using data science and beautiful visualizations to enable you to predict the winners. Using TIBCO’s software and team and player data from the past four years, TIBCO are providing you with the tools to predict the winners of all games from the opening day right until the final.

On this webinar we will explain our methodology in building the predictor, as well explaining how you can get your hands on the dataset. The dataset we’ve built includes statistics relating to team performance, player performance and even the impact the stadium will have on each game. As the tournament progresses, you can perfect your prediction with variables like rain or dry pitch, player performance and many more…

We hope you’re as excited as we are!


Alan Herron - Backing England on home soil  

Suddhasheel Bhattacharya - Backing India to replicate the success of 2011

Yellajosyula Swathi - Backing India to show the world who is Boss

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