KBTG Banks on TIBCO® Data Virtualization to Deliver Digital Lifestyle Banking

KBTG Banks on TIBCO® Data Virtualization to Deliver Digital Lifestyle Banking
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In an era where our lifestyles are becoming more digital, KBTG is striving to be the digital bank of the future. A subsidiary of Thailand-based K Bank, KBTG provides 16 million retail banking customers with flexible and agile services. With the growth of digital banking, it needed to find a much faster way to provide data for internal teams enabling mobile banking apps. KBTG’s goal is to compete with non-banking companies that offer more choices for digital banking to fit customer lifestyles. 

To solve this problem, KBTG turned to TIBCO® Data Virtualization software to improve its data delivery. The bank now leads the charge for digital lifestyle banking, where customers can perform all banking activities on a mobile device. With the implementation of TIBCO® Data Virtualization, KBTG can handle up to 10 million transactions per day, with the data virtualization layer pulling from 20-30 downstream systems and 12-15 data sources. 

And the results speak for themselves; with a data virtualization layer, KBTG has seen the following benefits:

  • Provided stability for higher performance apps, better maintenance and support, and flexibility
  • Saved time and effort of physically moving data into a single source and a format that customers can easily understand
  • Drew data from various sources and published in a variety of formats within weeks, and delivered them in a standardized format within a single layer

Learn more about how KBTG used TIBCO® Data Virtualization software to create a stable data platform enabling high performing internal IT and mobile services to fulfill its goal.