Stack Sports Shoots and Scores with TIBCO Cloud Integration

Managing sports teams and little leagues can be a daunting task. And as you can imagine, the problem only increases in complexity as athletes age; the games become more competitive, students become heavily sought after recruitment targets, and teams ascend higher into the national and international leagues. Stack Sports has the answer to this.

A global sports management software company, the company aims to take care of administrative tasks involved with sports, something that takes away from coaches and league administrators’ enjoyment of the game. Stack Sports provides technology for sports governing bodies, leagues, teams, athletes, and parents in more than 35 countries.

With its astounding growth in sports leagues acquisitions by Stack Sports over the course of the last few years—27 acquisitions in 28 months—it needed a software platform that would quickly bring all of its acquisitions together. Stack Sports turned to TIBCO Cloud Integration to integrate and consolidate its many disparate systems. The API-led tool provides the company with a higher level of communication than before. The quick integration of new data from acquired platforms allows Stack Sports to focus on developing new features for users, including updates to its popular mobile app, rather than focusing on all the issues that arise when merging companies.

The implementation of TIBCO Cloud Integration was a slam dunk for Stack Sports, leading to the following benefits:

  • Enables the company to develop services once and reuse them, shortening Stack Sport’s timeframe of rolling out new services since they do not have to code the commodity layer
  • Drastically reduces time-to-market, resulting in an increase in its market delivery by 25 percent
  • Provides Stack Sports with an agile platform that can scale as the company grows and expands

Without needing to focus on all of the humdrum administrative tasks, clients of Stack Sports are free to go back to what they do best: playing the game.

Steve Hurn, EVP Global Sales at TIBCO with Trailblazer winner Richard Wall, VP of Technology and Engineering at Stack Sports

For more about how Stack Sports uses TIBCO Cloud Integration to handle data from new acquisitions, read the full case study.