Hemlock Semiconductor Looks to TIBCO Connected Intelligence for Process Optimization

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Fueled by double-digit growth in the markets it serves, Hemlock Semiconductor is adapting to the increasing commoditization within the polysilicon industry and better positioning itself to compete, by accelerating the delivery of process optimizations. A significant obstacle was that the company’s information silos and legacy systems were not keeping pace with modern analytics tools.

This dilemma caused slowed decision-making and a limited view into operations. Bottlenecks and variability of processes and production outcomes were hindering cost optimization, and the company lacked visibility in these areas. The company needed tools that would help employees optimize processes and deliver on customer needs.

Hemlock turned to TIBCO Connected Intelligence to address the challenges. By implementing TIBCOⓇ Data Science, the company created self-service analytics with a centralized, unified, and governed analytics and reporting system, reducing reliance on IT and data teams. On the integration side, Hemlock chose TIBCO BusinessWorks™ for a single platform that could handle all its integration needs.

TIBCO’s advanced analytics solutions enabled Hemlock to measure their KPIs to determine how the company is executing, examine financial data, and identify where to drive improvement. The result has been revenue gains and improvement. TIBCO Spotfire® has become an integral part of the company, enabling a data-driven culture. The live, dynamic nature of the tool has allowed teams across the company to come together and solve problems with real-time data. Additionally, the easy integration of all of their systems reduced their record processing by 1000 times.

For the future, Hemlock is looking forward to real-time or near real-time tracking with alerts and notifications and to a more proactive approach to managing processes by expanding its data science portfolio.

Was Hemlock successful in optimizing their processes with TIBCO’s Connected Intelligence solutions? Read the full case study to find out.