Serving Families with Efficient Data: Northwoods Consulting Digitizes Social Services

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Social workers today have access to an overwhelming amount of data but often lack a clear way to process and derive insights from the data. Social workers for state and local government deal with data in the form of documents, paperwork, and personal forms to fulfill government requirements. Often in paper format and collected by many different groups over time, it’s nearly impossible for social workers to synthesize all this information and therefore can not properly serve children, families, and others in need of social services.

Northwoods Consulting provides cloud-based and mobile social services software, offering content collection, data collection, and intelligent case discovery for local and state government social workers. Understanding that their customers—caseworkers—needed better access to hidden data, Northwoods Consulting determined that an integration platform would help centralize account management and provide a clear view of data and therefore families in need.

Selecting TIBCO Cloud™ Integration as their Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (EIPaaS), Northwoods Consulting was able to monitor accounts and provide caseworkers with data discovery capabilities. As an easy-to-use platform that does not require a complex skill set, caseworkers were able to understand cases in a readily available format and discover new information that they couldn’t before. This means they can understand the needs of children and families faster and respond with better solutions based on more accurate, complete information.

The benefits of an iPaaS
The first major benefit Northwoods saw from TIBCO Cloud Integration was the reduction of integration time-to-market by 25% for new customers, allowing faster integration of customer systems. Even better, for customers with a system of record that had already been integrated, the time-to-market was reduced by 75 percent.

Additionally, the increased visibility into case data helps new social workers come up to speed on cases as quickly as possible. With Northwood’s own Traverse solution, powered by TIBCO Cloud Integration, caseworkers can gain access to information about the history of a client, maintain new information, and better understand the needs of the client and their family. By digitizing all of this information, Northwoods Consulting was then able to use it to identify characteristics of documents that need to be made visible in the system.

Northwoods Consulting hopes to expand its use of TIBCO Cloud Integration so that more individuals within the organization can monitor, implement, and suggest changes to the platform and therefore continue to help more clients with a 360-degree view of the data.

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