Egnyte Securely Shares Data in Containerized Deployments with TIBCO Cloud Mashery

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Servicing customers worldwide for over a decade, Egnyte’s file sharing and data governance solutions can be used on the go, in the office, or out in the field depending on their customers’ needs. Egnyte has different types of customers that will use its service, though it mainly supports enterprise consumers. But, Egnyte was facing challenges between data centers and cloud services, and how customers were using SaaS. With the rise in traffic from mobile devices, APIs are going to become crucial for enterprises to scale and deliver data to customers and Egnyte wanted to put a better system in place to handle the growth in traffic they may face.

Because security is a high priority, Egnyte chose TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery and decided to run its API program within its own data centers. After years with this on-premises deployment, Egnyte is now making the move to cloud-native, containerized deployments. This allows Egnyte to maximize security and make sure that the data flowing from any location can be controlled while taking advantage of all of the benefits of the cloud.

Mashery’s extensive API management platform also enables Egnyte to analyze their traffic in real-time. Users can gather key program insights from dashboards,  and check with developers to see what challenges they face or services they are building.

TIBCO Cloud Mashery has helped Egnyte create applications for its partners that are scalable and stable. Services that were challenging a couple of years ago are now standard features. Requests for API keys has doubled, and usage patterns for increased 3X in the last 18 months. These benefits have prepared Egnyte for the future growth of APIs by equipping the company with a stable, future-proof API management platform. TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery enables Egnyte to deploy their API platform anywhere and manage APIs from everywhere they have services running, legacy, hybrid, or cloud.

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