The collaboration between TIBCO and Egnyte has allowed us to provide container-based, cloud-native services without impacting any of our interfaces or customer experiences.

Marcelo Schmidt, Senior Director of Development Operations

Egnyte Securely Shares Files and Data Using the Cloud and TIBCO Cloud API Management

Cloud-native advantages, traffic insights, scalable stability, huge value


Founded over a decade ago, Egnyte has successfully grown its platform by leveraging the power of APIs. APIs allow developers to integrate Egnyte services into their own applications and Egnyte also provides hundreds of partners' integration services that customers can select.

"All of our integrations are using APIs," says Marcelo Schmidt, senior director of development operations. "Our responsibility is to make sure we can create an easy-to-use interface and make it available for any partner, so they can seamlessly connect and integrate their services with ours."

But the company had concerns it needed to address. "The challenges we faced were between data centers and cloud services, and how people are using SaaS. For example, the new 5G mobile network is coming and that's goin to bring a lot of traffic from millions of devices. Everything we build is going to involve APIs, and it is a significant challenge to scale when you have two or three times more usage just from mobile devices."


Because it takes security very seriously, the team decided to implement on premises, from which customers download about three petabytes of traffic per month.

"We were deploying services as VMs in our data centers, but our QA and other environments run on the cloud, so that was a restriction for us. The TIBCO team helped us run TIBCO Cloud API Management (formerly TIBCO Mashery) using the local environment, but in containers, which was a great solution for us and our ecosystem."


Cloud-native Advantages

Egnyte's new cloud-based governance solution, Egnyte Protect, lets customers classify their content, track usage patterns, and detect unusual behavior that could indicate security issues. "Now we have different types of products—products that run from the data center, and products that are cloud native using all the new features available today—and they're all using the TIBCO Cloud API Management platform," says Schmidt.

Traffic Analysis Insights

Egnyte uses TIBCO Cloud API Management daily for traffic analysis. "There are a lot of people here working on dashboards and getting information they need to plan for new integrations, while also working with developers to see what challenges they are having or what services they are building. You would never run your business today without APIs. You provide these services, and you see how customers are using the API. It's a no brainer. I would advise anybody in this SaaS business: You have to have TIBCO Cloud API Management or at least some kind of API management tool that lets you do this."

Scalable and Stable Partner Applications

TIBCO Cloud API Management software has helped Egnyte create applications that are scalable and stable. Services that were challenging a couple years ago are now standard features. Schmidt says lack of an enterprise services platform that supports this level of scalability would cause collapse. "We wouldn't be able to provide the service we provide today without an API platform.

"New partnership offerings are pretty much limitless," says Schmidt. "The developers' portal is one of those places where customers go and they feel like, 'I can manage Egnyte anywhere I want to.'"

Requests for API keys doubled, and usage patterns for increased 3X in the last 18 months. Before, usage had been flat. "I think the new features that TIBCO released, especially on the dashboard and the management side, brought a lot more usage. Our latest charts are completely now skyrocketing in the usage of APIs."

Great Value

Schmidt says that TIBCO Cloud API Management software offers great value. "When we're looking at what we are gaining and what we are paying compared with something similar, TIBCO Cloud API Management software is the most competitive. I don’t know of any other service that can give us this same level of support without investing three or four times more."


Egnyte is looking forward to running its stable API management platform. "This is a key thing. The customers are using the service. You don't hear complaints."

3x Increase

In developer portal visits in 18 months


Egnyte's API-powered software allows businesses to secure, manage, and govern their cloud-based content for easier, more secure remote access. It also offers hundreds of partner services for stored content data.