How APIs Power Industry Leader Sportradar

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Integration has been used as a means to connect back-end legacy systems such as CRM, payment processing, and operations and then make use of the data each of those systems produced. Initially, this was completed using point-to-point integration, a process that was less than error friendly and difficult to manage. In point-to-point integration, an error in any connection resulted in a complex resolution costing time and money. To combat this issue, TIBCO developed the enterprise service bus (ESB) where each system was connected to one hub. However, the need to easily expose portions of data to an organization’s partners, vendors, and customers remained — so, API management was born. Third party web apps, mobile apps, and connected devices could all now interact with data outside the firewall, as not to risk security. This made the data sharing process simple, fast, and safe.

Sportradar saw the importance and speed of APIs and took a risk in a time where most sports data was being delivered via legacy systems. They chose to lead with an API- first approach — and it paid off. As the exclusive data partner with industry giants like the NFL, NHL, and NBA, Sportradar’s focus on APIs clearly allowed them to distinguish themselves from their competition. By using an API-first approach they have been able to accelerate their service from in-game and post-game events to an available API delivering information up to 18 seconds faster than their competition — quite a feat in real-time data.

Sportradar covers 60+ sports, 370,000+ games, and more than 3,500 competitions, in 45 languages, and growing. From NFL to eSports League of Legends, they must deliver both accurate and timely data. To do so, Sportradar relies on TIBCO Mashery.  

Through their journey from start-up to industry leader, Sportradar chose and trusted Mashery as their partner — a partnership that is seven years strong and counting. For Sportradar, fast and accurate data is the name of the game. Sports media and gambling outlets depend on them to provide box scores, real-time stats, and drive stories on their websites.

To learn more about Sportradar and why this industry leader put their money on TIBCO, watch our webinar and explore the challenges they faced and positive outcomes of managing the full API lifecycle, an exclusive look at more than 50 new APIs Sportradar is introducing enabled by TIBCO and more.