How to Get Integration and Development on One Solution

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For today’s businesses, digital transformation is imperative. It is top of mind for C-level executives, with 42 percent making it a top priority, 40 percent taking a digital-first approach, and 79 percent already putting it into motion. And to put a digital business into motion, many are looking to a comprehensive integration platform.

You want to make sure you find a solution that can address the pervasive need for integration. A complete solution that has a modern, open source technology foundation that can connect to hundreds of endpoints, allowing you to deploy it anywhere. You need a solution that can support the most innovative technology initiatives such as blockchain, IoT, low-code apps, and more.

When choosing an integration solution to support all of your integration needs, you need to find one that supports the following functionalities:

  • Cloud-native
  • Microservices
  • Function as a service (FaaS)
  • Tailored experiences for different levels of users (developers, business analysts, executives)
  • Connect all your data sources across the organization
  • Supports all deployment models including on-premises, the cloud, edge and IoT devices and a hybrid mix
  • Expose and manage these services as APIs

Gone are the days when development and integration have to be two separate entities. Integration solutions have evolved from being a simple point-to-point connectivity within an on-premises implementation to a wide variety of cloud applications and data sources. Developers need to connect and integrate applications on the fly, deploying them into the environment of their choice – on-premises, in the cloud or at the edge. Today’s integration tools rapidly provide instant connectivity across these ecosystems.

With a single integration platform, you can extend your existing systems to achieve business agility by combining legacy systems with new platforms without needing to discard what you already have. You can turn your existing systems into a strength as opposed to a burden.

Enabling digital transformation with a platform approach
A platform enables your developers and business users to take advantage of systems of record to build applications faster, using new architecture patterns and low code visual design tools. As a result, each person is empowered to collaborate cross-departmentally and contribute to the company’s digital transformation, greatly speeding up time to market.

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