TIBCO Live Apps Inspiration Series: Build Smart Apps for Insurance

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As is the case with most industries, advancements in technology have disrupted the insurance industry by raising consumer expectations, as well as industry regulations. These changes have put severe strain on traditional business models resulting in a need for new solutions. While many insurers are reimagining their internal operations and strategies, they cannot do so quickly enough to remain competitive. Instead, empowering citizen developers to create smart applications through low-code development allows insurers to extend systems and fill gaps fast.

Why is TIBCO Cloud Live Apps a good fit for this scenario?

While the need for responding to change is a common scenario for businesses, changing people and technology processes quickly is usually costly and difficult. Typically, managing this scenario means numerous spreadsheets and emails, which results in no control over cost, processes, or approvals.

Business users understand the need to quickly change and automate everyday action items to improve the performance of the business. It’s a use case that should not require IT assistance. By using TIBCO Cloud Live Apps, business users gain full traceability over collaboration with third parties, auto shops, and other services. They can use also use past data to target auto shops and arrange more effective relationships, discounts, and agreements.

When things go wrong or incorrect invoices are submitted, easily available audits can be quickly examined. New actions and use cases can be easily added as they arise. The application is cloud based, so an auto shop can be onboarded in just minutes. All of this capability can be created by the business in just a few hours.

Why are our prospective customers excited about TIBCO Cloud Live Apps?

With TIBCO Cloud Live Apps, customers can reduce workload on IT. They can create applications IT wouldn’t have considered or had time or budget to complete. And they can experiment with new ideas before engaging IT on lengthy or in-depth projects. Check out about TIBCO’s automobile insurance claim processing app here.