WEBINAR SERIES: Simplify and Scale Your Smart Data Discovery

Join TIBCO for this 3-part webinar series where we help you simplify and scale your smart data discovery. We’ll walk you through the concepts, then do a live example using the technique and conclude with a live Q&A session. All webinars will be recorded, so bookmark this page to return for the on-demand content.

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AI-Driven Data Discovery and Cognitive Search to Accelerate Big Data Insights with TIBCO Spotfire Smart Data Catalog
Live Date: July 26, 2017   

Looking for the right data across departmental silos is not a great use of analysis time. The TIBCO Spotfire® Smart Data Catalog, a new data connectivity and management solution makes it dramatically easy to search and automatically blend related data across multiple disparate data sources, including databases, data lakes and files. Once found and blended the catalog makes it easy to provision data to Spotfire for analysis. Learn more.

Unlocking the Value from Unstructured Data Goldmine with TIBCO Spotfire Data Catalog
Live Date: September 7, 2017  

Historically it has been very difficult to unlock the value of information trapped in unstructured data. Tune in to this webcast to see how the Smart Spotfire Data Catalog can extract meaning and sentiment from millions of documents and make the results available to analyze in an easy to use visual analysis environment. Learn more.

AI & Machine Learning Powered Data Discovery with TIBCO Spotfire Data Catalog
Live Date: October 11, 2017   

The TIBCO Spotfire Smart Data Catalog, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to make it easy to search and find the right data. It uses natural language processing, synonyms and customer specific taxonomies to increase the accuracy of search results. Machine learning is used to auto-join data sources leveraging a patent-pending technology. Learn more.

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