Unlocking the Value from the Unstructured Data Goldmine with TIBCO Spotfire Data Catalog

9:00 am - 10:00 am PDT

Historically it has been very difficult to unlock the value of information trapped in unstructured data. Tune in to this webcast to see how the Smart Spotfire Data Catalog can extract meaning and sentiment from millions of documents and make the results available to analyze in an easy to use visual analysis environment.

If you have piles of customer support tickets, warranty claims, social media feeds, maintenance history or any other text heavy data, you will want to see how easy it can be to dive in and gain insight from these documents by:

  • Applying text-mining algorithms to discover relationships among data sources.
  • Provisioning and delivering data through easy to use virtual data marts.
  • Acting as a one-stop shop for users to discover, unify and model the data they need

Examples will be presented about how biopharmaceutical and medical device companies can use this technology to unlock the research, safety, and commercial value of information trapped in structured and unstructured data from disparate data sets, unstandardized formats and multiple data sources (many outside the firewall).

Join us in the second of a three-part webinar series from TIBCO and Attivio, “Simplify and Scale Your Smart Data Discovery,” featuring a live Q&A session.

Presented By:
Joe Lichtman, VP of Technology, Attivio
Kevin Potts, Director of Global Marketing, PerkinElmer, Inc.