When Every Second Counts

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When I first agreed to take on the role of managing the Cloud Operations team for tibbr, TIBCO’s enterprise social networking SaaS application, I knew that the job would be no cakewalk.  There would be plenty of challenges involved with ensuring that this mission-critical cloud service remained up and running 24×7 for companies around the world.  Fast forward to 2017—and I’ve never looked back at that decision—it’s been an exciting and rewarding journey.

Part of what helps make my job manageable is choosing the right infrastructure and tools. For example, using TIBCO LogLogic has been a tremendous help to collect, manage, and leverage log data from the various components of our cloud infrastructure so that we can track activities and conditions of interest.

LogLogic’s out-of-box reports and dashboard provide the necessary information at our fingertips to meet our compliance, reporting, and auditing needs. As part of our Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) certification, for example, tibbr has proven that it meets high standards for continuous monitoring of security-related data as well as tracking related continuous updates. Our team relies on LogLogic to help ensure the completeness and integrity of the necessary security records and history to meet those requirements.

LogLogic also helps us to meet the availability goals needed for our cloud service, sending alerts when certain conditions are detected or thresholds are met, so that we can proactively take action to avert potential issues.

When issues are  detected, LogLogic’s flexible search capabilities  help us quickly mine through our mountains of valuable log data to find key information for faster resolution. We are excited that LogLogic 6.1 now makes that search even faster than ever—because when your team is on the hook for ensuring the uptime of an enterprise-class cloud service, every second counts.

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