KB Card Charges Ahead with Marketing Innovation

KB Card is a subsidiary of KB Financial Group, South Korea’s number one comprehensive financial group responsible for banking, securities, insurance, and credit cards. As Jaehoon Park, head of the company’s Big Data Strategy Center, explains, since 2000, the South Korean credit card industry, and competition for card holders, has grown rapidly.

“Credit card charges total almost 80% of family expenditures, with transactions of less than $9 dollars accounting for 42% of charges. A credit card is used to buy even a can of soda at a convenience store! With 22 credit card companies, there’s limitless competition. Of course, every card company is trying to innovate and differentiate, but it’s really easy to be copied. When a new card or service is developed, it takes at most three years for any competitor to catch up. But, because differentiation based on technology and process innovation is harder to duplicate, we decided to make an attempt.”

Read the story to find out how KB Card used TIBCO integration and Insight PlatformInsight Platform technology to beat out the competition with real-time campaigns, an improved customer experience, and minimized dependency on IT―and how Mr. Park can now say: “We are at least five years ahead of our competitors in marketing skills.”

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