Sometimes Less Really Is More

Less is More Minimal Simplicity Efficient Complexity Concept
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When you hear the term “less is more”, what comes to mind? Some people use that term when they refer to simplifying their lifestyle, some use it as a philosophy to describe their approach to cooking, and to others it can a reference to how they spend their leisure time.

In  the software world, the term “less is more”  doesn’t seem to be widely observed. Software continues to get more powerful, but more complex, over time. In many cases, this is a good thing, because the nature of the problems we deal with are also getting more complex all the time.

However, sometime you don’t need or want all of that complexity from Day 1. It is often the case that you grow into more sophisticated capabilities and functionality over time. Giving someone more capability than they initially need can result in higher initial up front software costs and slower ramp up time.

In the world of API initiatives and digital transformation, success is not always a given. A lot of API programs don’t succeed initially and may require some tweaking and experimenting to find the right combination of capabilities and business models to be successful. If this sounds like you, then you may want to consider using an API Management product designed and priced for more limited initial capabilities, but which allows you to scale up cost effectively as your API program gets traction and grows.

TIBCO has a product designed to do just that. It’s called Mashery Professional and has almost all of the same features as a standard Mashery SaaS subscription, but at a very affordable price point. The exciting new offering was announced this past week at TIBCO NOW Singapore. This is a good product for companies that have any of the following needs:

  • Their API program is modest in scope and API call volumes are not expected to exceed about 10-20 million calls/mo.
  • They are still experimenting with their API program and are not yet willing to make an investment in a full scale production environment
  • Their plans call for a phased ramp up over time on scaling up their API program

A lot of vendors offer these kind of entry level products, but many of them are dead ends, in the sense that either there is no way to affordably add capacity to scale up your initial configuration, or limited or incompatible migration paths that you can grow into. With Mashery Professional, you can add as much additional call capacity as you want and move into a full Mashery subscription at any time you want, with a seamless migration.

So, if digital transformation is moving up your priority list, but you’re not willing to go all in at this point, you should consider Mashery professional as an affordable way to get started. If you’d like to try it out for free, go to