Beyond Integration: Interconnect Everything, Augment Your Company’s Intelligence, and Turn Insights Into Action

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It’s been a few days since I got back from TIBCO NOW in Las Vegas, but I’m still riding the high. As you already know, TIBCO acquired leading API management provider Mashery this past September, which is how I joined the company. Since that time, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about TIBCO’s product lines and technology and have gained an appreciation for how complete their offering is to help our customers stay on the cutting edge of digital. That story was on full Technicolor display at TIBCO NOW. The message is absolutely clear: TIBCO is the leading partner to keep you apace with rapidly changing technology while also bringing your legacy IT investments to the cutting edge.

I don’t have room in a single blog post to cover all of the exciting new products and enhancements announced last week, but that list, frankly, is not the point. Becoming a digital business requires you to collect, manage, and analyze your corporate data in entirely new ways. This functionality has extended beyond the desktop and data center, and even beyond mobile, into the cloud and to the edge of individual, interconnected devices. TIBCO has kept up as the digital space has evolved, and the keynotes, sessions, and product announcements at TIBCO NOW demonstrate our commitment to helping you stay at the cutting edge without losing focus on your core mission.

TIBCO has talked in the past about Fast Data—getting your information integrated and reacting in real time to critical business events. We’re still committed to that, but the business world continues to evolve. It’s not enough just to be fast, you need to be intelligent. TIBCO’s investments in Spotfire, Jaspersoft, Business Events and other technologies that rapidly collect and analyze data as quickly as it arrives is already paying off for the customers using it, allowing them to better segment their markets, react to the needs of their customers, and use that information to grow and transform their business into a proactive organization that can all but predict the future.

None of this is possible without making the data that drives these analyses accessible from wherever it lives. TIBCO has been the integration experts from the beginning, getting that information “on the bus” and making it accessible through a single point of contact. This is critical for data that lives on different systems within the same network. The rapid adoption of cloud technology means that data is scattered across a variety of networks and datacenters, many of which are managed by third party vendors. It’s not just about managing different systems or sources of data, it’s also about managing different protocols and means of access. Integrating everything is not enough; everything needs to be interconnected from wherever it sits. Certainly, the Internet is designed precisely for this, but tools like our new Cloud Integration and BusinessWorks Container Edition, combined with the power of Mashery to manage and support these connections make it a breeze to connect all of your data sources, no matter who hosts them, and make them accessible to real-time analytics as well as your own business applications.

Accessible data and intelligent insights are only two pillars to successful digital transformation. The third pillar is turning those insights into actions that drive your business forward through secure, scalable applications that serve you and your customers’ needs. Cloud Integration and Spotfire take advantage of microflow interfaces to make it easy to develop business applications without writing a single line of code. With the introduction of Project Flogo, this functionality extends to individual devices, allowing you to leverage the same powerful technology that drives your server applications for your investment in the Internet of Things. You can move your applications and business intelligence to the very edge of your networks, squeezing the most power and value from even your smallest investments.

These benefits are not limited only to your IT and engineering organizations. The cloud has opened new opportunities to allow the various lines of business—especially the marketing organization—to leverage your corporate data to make their jobs more efficient and effective through hosted software solutions. TIBCO Simplr is one of a new class of applications that allow non-programmers in these divisions to use their subject matter expertise to easily create powerful new interactions between third party vendors and your existing IT infrastructure in a simple, user friendly, drag-and-drop interface. Rather than file a ticket with IT and spend dozens of weeks and tens of thousands of dollars to build ad hoc internal applications, non-programmers can simply connect the dots between the systems they use to rapidly solve their most pressing needs.

TIBCO’s solutions are not designed to be a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, we have taken the approach of offering products and services that are tightly integrated to allow them to seamlessly work together, but loosely coupled to help our customers develop bespoke solutions that address their unique use cases. As our Executive VP of Worldwide Sales Raj Verma said in his keynote, “Our focus as a company always has been and continues to remain about you, the customer.” I was pretty excited when TIBCO bought Mashery, backing our world-class API management with world-class integration technology to create the most robust set of integration products in the market. After TIBCO NOW, however, it’s clear to me that being part of the TIBCO family enables our customers to keep pace with the rapidly changing digital landscape wherever it goes next. Whether you’re still focused on the datacenter, making your first moves into the cloud, or are completely cloud native, TIBCO has the products, services, and expertise necessary to manage your massively growing data, glean critical insights, recognize vital patterns in real time, and turn it all into applications that grow your business and better serve your customers.