TIBCO Now Day 1—Focusing on the Cloud, APIs, and API Management

We just finished our first full day at TIBCO NOW and between the keynotes and customer testimonials, it’s clear that APIs and cloud technologies are on the forefront of everyone’s mind.

The day kicked off with our CEO Murray Rode, CTO Matt Quinn, and VP of Product and Engineering Randy Menon laying out the vision for TIBCO’s product line. Mashery and the newly announced Cloud Integration product took center stage alongside BusinessWorks Container Edition, sending a clear message of TIBCO’s commitment to helping our customers make the transition to the cloud, empowered by the connectivity provided by well-designed, well-managed APIs.

During the afternoon API management breakouts, attendees got to see Mashery in action along with a deeper understanding of how strongly it fits in the TIBCO product line, providing valuable management capabilities on top of APIs and services produced through BusinessWorks as well as custom applications.

Our Senior Director for the Mashery Product Jeremy Pollock laid out the statement of direction for Mashery beginning with an up-to-date view of the rapidly changing API management space. “Companies today are looking for API platforms that combine the right set of development, integration and management capabilities that can be leveraged as the foundation of a digital strategy.”

APIs have expanded beyond projects owned and developed solely by the IT organization into a vital strategic effort supported across the enterprise, Jeremy explained. Mashery is responding to this shift by building distributed API management into the product. This allows a single instance of Mashery to support APIs from across the enterprise while handing managerial control to the organizations responsible for their set of services. Large organizations will be able to share and distribute API management responsibilities to the individual groups that have direct responsibility for them rather than leaving it in the hands of a single group.

Following our philosophy that value in systems derive from their ability to integrate with other systems, the Mashery API is expected to expand its capabilities within the next year to make it easier for third parties to provide valuable services to Mashery customers through an application ecosystem. These changes, combined with the announcement of Mashery support for the Open API Initiative (formerly Swagger), will also ease the process of integrating Mashery into existing DevOps workflows and provide more automated control over the API lifecycle.

Pollock also announced some exciting changes to the Mashery Local product that will make it a more robust solution for those organizations not quite ready to make the leap to the public cloud, including enhanced gateway capabilities, support for a variety of infrastructure platforms and the introduction of microflows to ease configuration.

But perhaps the most welcome announcement—especially for long time Mashery customers—was the introduction of enhanced reporting and analytics capabilities, including an integration with Spotfire to create customizable dashboards. Mashery customers will gain real-time insights into how their APIs are being used and can rapidly react to adapt to customer needs.

It’s only day one, and it’s clear that TIBCO’s acquisition of Mashery is set to be a long term success, both for our loyal Mashery customers as well as current and new TIBCO customers looking for a partner to help make their API programs a success. Stay tuned for more exciting news to come in the following days of TIBCO NOW 2016.