SunGard Financial Systems Gets Great Return from TIBCO MDM

SunGard provides mission-critical software and IT services to institutions in virtually every segment of the financial services industry. Its software automates many detailed processes associated with trading, managing investment portfolios, and accounting for investment assets.

“We needed to consolidate our customer data to get one view of a customer,” says Daniel Newbern, senior director for enterprise projects. “SunGard is a multidimensional company, and we could be selling multiple products to the same customer in different ways. We wanted to know if a customer has one, two, or four products, and if any were coming up for renewal. We needed that one story about a customer so we could efficiently arm our executives and sales team.”

Using TIBCO Master Data Management (MDM), SunGard increased its efficiency and improved targeting using one solid view of customers. Learn about how its master data also reduced overhead and decision-making.