10 Years of Industry Knowledge From a 10-Minute Conversation

Reading Time: 2 minutes

If you’ve ever flipped through an in-flight magazine, I’m sure you’ve seen ads for a super expensive, but highly scientific, exercise machine that promises amazing results. “Four minutes a day to an amazing body!” it reads.

Admit it, you’re curious. A big impact for a low investment has always been in fashion, and super concentrated value is everywhere we look. Whether it’s the 4-Hour Workweek self-help book, 5-hour Energy shots, or Slim in 6 workout, our attention is focused when we hear there’s an amazing ROI. Why do all the hard work when there’s a better, easier way?

The Super-Concentrated Lesson

Well, there’s a super concentrated, high-impact shortcut to learning, too. There’s a saying that having a conversation with an intelligent person is worth more than studying a subject on your own for 10 years. And, after your share of roadblocks on a problem, you quickly realize that talking to an expert is worth its weight in gold. Whether it’s natural genius, real-world experience, or years of intense study, talking with a person who is an expert on what you want to learn about is the fastest way to learn and leap ahead in understanding.

The Competition for a Great Teacher

With great teachers comes no shortage of students. Every year, there is a heated competition to have lunch with great leaders, and would-be students fight for the chance to buy a seat. Take this year’s auction for lunch with Warren Buffet as an example. It closed at more than one million dollars. We all know that conversations can change our perspective, and it’s worth the price of admission. But, how can the rest of us get a chance at those conversations without putting money down?

The Door is Open

Networking is one way to meet-and-greet with your industry’s top minds, and one of the best venues for this is TIBCO’s annual user conference, TUCON 2013. We’ve assembled an impressive number of business teachers whose experiences and achievements in their respective industries embody the enriched learning that comes from hearing and listening to an expert in real life. Check out our list of speakers for TUCON 2013 and schedule your next high-impact lesson.

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