TIBCO Innovates in Real Time for Global Carrier CargoSmart


“Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time.” Bill Gates uttered these words and they could not be truer for TIBCO. The famously successful businessman is no stranger to innovation, and today there is great promise for new and exciting technological advancements. As a leading provider of infrastructure software, TIBCO knows it is important to innovate and help other companies innovate to become event-enabled enterprises. One such company is Hong Kong-based CargoSmart Limited, an ocean-carrier transportation portal that allows customers to master the challenging “end-to-end” shipping process that requires multi-carrier shipping to connect seller and buyer.

Gates’ words are not just inspiring, but an idea CargoSmart realizes is vital to the success in the transportation industry. Not only does innovation promise to bring “so much to so many” in this day and age, but CargoSmart has to ensure that their shipments are being received by “so many” of their customers in a timely and efficient manner. CargoSmart uses a TIBCO-based platform to create products and respond to events in real time. Also, CargoSmart built a collaborative platform for the company on tibbr – TIBCO’s social computing tool for the workplace. Because of TIBCO’s help, CargoSmart has the ability to cut transportation management costs, automate and streamline operations, and reduce the risk of late or mismanaged shipments.

The multi-carrier maneuver called “transshipment” arises because there is a major no carrier that covers all of the world’s ports on one service. There are thousands of daily transshipments, and other countless moving parts to consider like documentation handling, booking and scheduling, which reveal the complexity of global shipping. Without streamlined operations and collaboration among trading partners, there can be significant delays for shipments. These kinds of restraints hinder innovation and the kind of promise for the future from Gates’ vision. Without innovation, people cannot receive what they need, when they need it. And in this case, without TIBCO, the constraints restrain CargoSmart.

The TIBCO-based platform allows the company to develop and deploy products that respond to events in real time. TIBCO can then provide supply-chain visibility, shipment execution, and means for collaboration. TIBCO enables CargoSmart’s customers to plan, process, and monitor the path of shipments and share detailed, real-time information with everyone in the supply chain.

Because of TIBCO, transportation management costs are cut, operations are streamlined and automated, and the risk of late or mismanaged shipments is reduced. There are various different parties involved in international shipping that all have their own priorities. What is vital then is to ensure that clear expectations are set and transparent. TIBCO provides such a service. TIBCO takes all of the moving parts in the shipping process and makes them visible and manageable. TIBCO provides more real-time collaboration to international shipping.

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