The Data’s in the Details: 6 Ways to Power Your Business with Data-First Thinking

TIBCO May Customer Newsletter
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This month’s TIBCO tips blog is all about data, data, data. You know it, you love it, and if you want a successful organization, you need it. But that’s only the beginning. Your business’s data needs to be organized, connected, secure but also easily accessible and understood.

So how do you do it? Read on as we dive into these topics and the benefits and importance of being data-first, not just in decision-making but also for infrastructure building.

The Benefits and Business Value of Master Data Management

These days, data is essential for remaining competitive with other businesses, especially when it comes to engaging with customers. Data can help you understand why they bought what they did, what the sales process was, what marketing materials were aimed at them, and so much more. This 360-degree view can help you grow revenues while reducing sales and marketing costs by letting you work smarter. Check out this whitepaper to dig deeper into why organizations will invest more than $7 billion in master data management (MDM) technology this year.

Norfolk Southern Transforms Freight Transport with Data-Driven Approach

To modernize so it could meet 21st-century digital business challenges, Norfolk Southern took a fresh look at its data analytics. Because more customers want to track the progress of their shipments in real-time, Norfolk realized it had become essential for them to update an industry that pre-dated computers. Learn how Norfolk Southern digitized its operations and got on track to become an industry leader.

May Analytics Event Streaming Directly to You

This month, the TIBCO Analytics team is excited to bring you an event aimed at helping you along your analytics journey. The TIBCO Analytics Forum (TAF) is a two-day virtual session where customers, partners, and TIBCO experts come together to discuss industry trends and challenges and how to best position and thrive. This event will be very informative, and we hope to see you there. 

The Future of Smarter API Security Is Here with TIBCO Cloud Mashery and PingIntelligence

As API adoption and activity increase, so have attacks against the broadening API landscape. These attacks can threaten your company and customer data, making it extremely important to verify that your cybersecurity can handle it all. We are proud to be partnering with Ping Identity to provide your business with a smarter security solution that integrates seamlessly with TIBCO Cloud Mashery software. 

Share Your Opinion, Leave a Review, and Help Us Improve

The way you use TIBCO software is unique to you, and based on what we’ve heard, you’ve built some incredible things with it. We know your peers value your opinions and experiences. Why not share your story with TrustRadius, show your expertise, and help your peers get started finding their own solutions?

PRODUCT RELEASE: TIBCO Cloud Messaging Just Got Better

As many are turning to open-source, low-latency, high-throughput solutions like Apache Kafka and Apache Pulsar, it’s time your embedded solutions adapted. We’re excited to announce that TIBCO Cloud Messaging software now supports Apache Kafka and Apache Pulsar communications in addition to TIBCO FTL and eFTL software. With this update, you’ll get greater flexibility and save time connecting your business systems using a messaging system that adapts to you.

The TIBCO Analytics Forum (TAF) is a two-day virtual session where customers, partners, and TIBCO experts come together to discuss industry trends and challenges and how to best position and thrive. Click To Tweet

We hope this quick crash course through the finer points of the value of data left you energized to implement data-first strategies in your own business and that you’ll check back in June for more tips from your friends at TIBCO!