All the Reasons to Choose TIBCO as Your OEM Partner: Flexibility, Adaptability, and High-Value Return

TIBCO OEM Partners
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There’s a lot riding on your choice of an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner. Choosing the right one helps you stand out in a competitive marketplace and delivers new opportunities to build your business, brand, and reputation. But make the wrong choice, and you won’t achieve the benefits you’re expecting.

TIBCO understands what’s at stake when you’re choosing an OEM partner and is relentlessly focused on developing and sustaining long-term partnerships that deliver the value-add that you—and your customers—expect.

What differentiates TIBCO from other potential OEM partners? As an analyst-recognized Leader in integration, data management, and analytics, here’s how TIBCO deliver business advantages to our OEM partners:

  • The unmatched performance of TIBCO Spotfire®, a trusted analytics platform for addressing real-time analytics consuming enormous quantities of data.
  • A comprehensive solution: When you couple Spotfire with TIBCO’s integrated data science, stream data processing, event process, and process automation capabilities, you can take advantage of a cohesive, automated “digital-products-factory” approach that allows digital line-of-business (LOB) staff to design and deploy new applications rapidly.
  • Flexible deployment options: Because Spotfire can be deployed in both on-premises and cloud-native fashions, deployments can be made in compliance with various data governance standards virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Adaptable agreements to meet your specific needs: TIBCO can co-create form-fitted OEM agreements tailored to model your own go-to-market business models in a risk-managing, cost-containing manner.

The proof is in the pudding: the results TIBCO OEM partners achieve

You know that while TIBCO’s OEM partner credentials sound great, real-world results are what matter because your business success depends on our performance from day one. We’re acutely aware of this fact, too. And there’s no better way to demonstrate our capabilities and commitments to our OEM partners than to share first-hand accounts of the successes they’ve achieved.  

Schlumberger’s partnership with TIBCO helps support data-driven innovation in the E&P industry

The combination of TIBCO technology and Schlumberger expertise make a powerful union. Schlumberger, the world’s leading technology provider to the global energy industry, transformed itself to provide cutting-edge digital solutions that help petro-technical experts in the oilfield. Its cloud-based DELFI Exploration and Production (E&P) knowledge-collaboration platform leverages TIBCO Connected Intelligence for advanced visual analytics. In a connected cloud environment, DELFI provides the world’s best E&P apps, data, and artificial intelligence (AI) for energy companies.

“In TIBCO, we clearly saw the market leader in being able to analyze vast amounts of data. By partnering with TIBCO, we have access to the right data analysis tools in the DELFI environment.”

—Trygve Randen, President of Software Integrated Solutions, Schlumberger

TIBCO helps Siemens Mobility keeps transportation systems on track

To reach its ambitious 100 percent train availability-to-schedule goal, Siemens Mobility partnered with TIBCO. Customers get insights via Railigent, the Siemens Mobility app built with TIBCO Spotfire. Spotfire analytics allows for automated corrective action and quick decision-making.

Siemens Mobility is one of many customers who have found that TIBCO technology works better together with complementing technologies, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Siemens Mobility’s data asset management platform, Railigent, is built on AWS and is fully cloud-native. 

“We use TIBCO Spotfire for advanced analytics and data cleansing, and with Railgent and Spotfire, customers have seen a decrease in unplanned downtime by 30-to-50 percent.”

—Gerhard Kress, Vice President, Data Services, Siemens Mobility

TIBCO Spotfire helps modernize the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)  

With its powerful new core data infrastructure built on TIBCO technology, ASX examined how it could derive more value from the huge volumes of data flowing through its systems. With TIBCO, ASX launched DataSphere, an innovative data-as-a-service offering that brings together a community of data providers, experts, and insight seekers on a robust and open platform fueled by data science and visual analytics.

DataSphere will provide a new revenue source for ASX: a range of financial insight products that can be purchased on a web store. Customers can buy ASX data to see a company’s performance in the context of the entire market. In one secure platform, it combines unique datasets, powerful analytics tools, industry-leading data governance, and commercial opportunities. Users can gain immediate insights, customize their models, and commercialize their data through the ASX platform.

TIBCO understands what’s at stake when you’re choosing an OEM partner and is relentlessly focused on developing and sustaining long-term partnerships that deliver the value-add that you—and your customers—expect. Click To Tweet

Put the TIBCO OEM advantage to work for you

“The business-critical need to build customer-delighting, industry-disrupting, profit-generating digital solutions has never been greater. Hitting your key performance indicators (KPIs) becomes achievable by partnering with TIBCO. Learn how your enterprise can get to market faster, manage risk, and assure profitability using the TIBCO OEM Advantage.”

—Mark Becerra, TIBCO Software OEM Business Manager

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