TIBCO NEXT: New Innovations in Integration, Messaging, and Event Processing

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Day 1 of the TIBCO NEXT conference hosted at Andaz Munich Schwabinger Tor in Munich, Germany continues with a packed agenda of discussions on next-generation, mission-critical capabilities and business use cases. At this inaugural event, TIBCO is collaborating with senior IT executives and key decision makers from Europe’s most innovative IT leaders on opportunities to tap into the next wave of digital innovation.

Ali Ahmed, TIBCO General Manager, opened the event with a rousing general session, featuring TIBCO customers and special guests who delighted the attendees with stories about cloud transformation and the power of data. After a rejuvenating lunch that prompted great opportunities for networking, the conference continued with a variety of special topic breakout sessions where TIBCO highlighted its latest innovations across its comprehensive suite of capabilities.

The Foundation for Interoperability and Agility

TIBCO enables the widest range of approaches to application and data integration that create seamless interoperability across your business, and product management directors Nate Keefe and Beerinder Rodey teamed up to showcase how TIBCO is helping its customers more rapidly take down ever-growing backlogs of integration requests. They discussed how the market-leading TIBCO BusinessWorks™ offering has been enhanced with new change data capture technologies based on system logs to help greatly accelerate the development of real-time data pipelines, for example to cloud-based data warehouses and data lakes. 

(Beerinder Rodey, Director of Product Management at TIBCO, in Munich.)

As many TIBCO customers have deployed hundreds and even thousands of integration applications, Nate emphasized how TIBCO continually invests in features that help reduce overall administration expenses. A new smart integration runtime self-diagnoses performance and runtime issues, and automatically generates recommendations that speed remediations.

Continued Innovation from the Originator of Real-time Messaging

TIBCO pioneered high-throughput and low-latency data distribution with TIBCO Rendezvous®, used today by thousands of customers as their enterprise messaging backbone, supporting some of the most critical architectures across diverse industries. But as customers move to the cloud, they need this backbone to embrace their containerization and CI/CD strategies for greater scalability and deployment flexibility. So as Bobby Liao, Director of Product Management, and Vasil Kajcovski Senior Director of Engineering discussed, TIBCO continues to lead in enterprise messaging with the introduction of TIBCO Rendezvous Network Service, enabling current TIBCO Rendezvous solutions for container and cloud deployments with no code change in their existing Rendezvous applications.

(Graphic of the TIBCO Rendezvous® Network Service.)

Accelerate the Rollout of Event Processing Solutions

Event-driven architectures enable businesses to quickly take intelligent action on important things that happen in their surroundings. TIBCO provides a comprehensive solution for processing unprecedented volumes of events, including an event broker that will be based on Apache Pulsar and rule-based event processing. As Nate further discussed, TIBCO now empowers API product owners to model, mock, and create event-driven APIs based on the AsyncAPI specification, the industry standard for asynchronous APIs, as well as APIs based on the Open API specification, and manage them all via its full lifecycle API management capabilities. 

(Nate Keefe, Director of Product Management at TIBCO, in Munich.)

One of the biggest challenges of event-driven architectures is optimizing the processing of events, which requires a complete view of the events that flow through the digital business. TIBCO has instrumented its event processing engine with support for OpenTelemetry, an open-source collection of APIs that help analyze the performance and behavior of software.

And Even More to Come!

While there were a wide variety of intriguing discussions and announcements during our first day of sessions, TIBCO NEXT isn’t over yet! The conference concludes tomorrow, with more roadmap sessions, more customer showcases, and more opportunities to define the future. The hits keep coming, so join us tomorrow to keep on top of all of the exciting news!