TIBCO NEXT Munich: Learn About the General Session Presentation and TIBCO Platform Announcement

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Hallo Deutschland! TIBCO Software is excited to be in Germany to kick off its highly anticipated TIBCO NEXT conference in Munich. Gathering at the beautiful and intimate Andaz Munich Schwabinger Tor, senior IT executives and key decision makers from Europe’s most innovative digital leaders have come together to collaborate with TIBCO this week on new ways to power next-generation, mission-critical capabilities, and business use cases.

A business unit of Cloud Software Group, TIBCO Software has continuously been at the forefront of shifts in information technology and has partnered with global businesses to adapt and transform the most complex and demanding digital landscapes so that they can evolve, compete, and succeed in today’s fast-changing markets. TIBCO NEXT provides the perfect opportunity for digital leaders to collaborate on the next wave of innovation.

Right Out of the Gate with the General Session

The conference opened with a captivating general session hosted by TIBCO General Manager Ali Ahmed, who talked with senior leaders from AWS and Sara Assicurazioni about how TIBCO technology is accelerating their journey to the Cloud. 

(TIBCO General Manager Ali Ahmed in Munich.)

And we heard from special guest and data journalist Mona Chalabi (@monachalabi), who enchanted the audience with amazing stories that illustrated the power and potential of data.

(Mona Chalabi, Data Journalist, in Munich.)

The highlight of the general session was provided by Rajeev Kozhikkattuthodi, Vice President of Product Management, and Matt Ellis, Senior Director of Product Management, who showcased a vision of the next-generation TIBCO Platform, and features that will impact how businesses will experience and thrive in the near future with TIBCO.  

A Vision of The Next-generation Digital Platform

Rajeev and Matt discussed how the TIBCO Platform is the natural next step in TIBCO’s long-standing strategy that has tracked the evolution of cloud technologies over many years. The vision is for a single, unified platform that provides the powerful capabilities you value from TIBCO—from Integration and Messaging to Event Processing and Data Management—across all environments, wherever its customers need it to be. 

(TIBCO VP of Product, Rajeev Kozhikkattuthodi, in Munich.)

TIBCO envisions a seamless set of collaborative user experiences for developers and operators alike, including a single pane of glass that offers observability and management across any TIBCO platform capability wherever they are running.

(Graphic from the General Session presentation about the TIBCO Platform vision.)

Customer Success with Hyperscalers

TIBCO customers have built solutions that combine TIBCO capabilities for years in ways that best solve their toughest business challenges. And through TIBCO’s deep partnership with leading hyperscalers, such as TIBCO NEXT speaker AWS, TIBCO accelerates value by helping customers overcome obstacles to their cloud adoption strategies. For example, insurance provider Sara Assicurazioni implemented a real-time, event-driven claim processing solution powered by AWS and TIBCO, and accelerated claims processing by 50 percent. 

More to Come!

With a packed general session kicking off TIBCO NEXT, the coming week promises to deliver even greater innovations and in-depth discussions across breakout sessions and networking events. We will discuss innovations planned for TIBCO Platform and its core capabilities, approaches for measuring and managing value created by technology investments, and of course, more great stories from customers that outline how they are realizing digital success. Join us for future blogs to keep on top of all of the exciting news!