TIBCO OEM Partnership

Join a consistent leader in analytics and integration.

Get to market faster with TIBCO expertise.

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Differentiate your solution

Distinguish your solution with augmented capabilities, added features, or a familiar and easy UI that your customers can quickly learn to use.

Create new revenue streams

Increase sales of existing products and services by increasing their value with improved capabilities—and deliver new solutions to customers and prospects faster.

Focus on your business problem

Focus on your core competencies so you can build your
products faster, and let us visualize your data. Our
offering can be tailored to your needs, and gives you
several white labeling options.

Reduce time and effort

Our enablement, support, and community can save you money, time, and effort in maintenance and development. Don’t reinvent a new visualization tool, use the best-in-class the industry has to offer.


Statistical, analytical, and visual

Statistical, analytical, and visual

Your customers can explore enterprise data to discover trends, predict outcomes, and prescribe real-time actions. TIBCO tools can connect to data from any data source to include data of many types and formats.

Developer friendly

Developer friendly

Equip your developers with toolkits that will help them quickly extend our platform to augment your product capabilities. You can also leverage our community to plug-in pre-built modules. You are the experts in what you do, we can help you leverage our time-tested expertise.

Scalability, security, performance

Scalability, security, performance

Scale to data-intensive enterprise needs without a problem. Our solutions give you elasticity to handle real-world use cases, the spike in Black Friday sales. It’s a platform that will let you perform safely under pressure.