Back to School: Shaping the New Normal of Education

TIBCO Academic Alliance Back to School
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Based on an interview of Nick Lim originally published on GovInsider Asia.

As we’ve seen over the past year, the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the move to digital and hybrid educational models. With a shift to digital learning, there has been a dramatic increase in opportunities for careers in data science, advanced analytics, information technology, and engineering within the educational sector.

Education is moving forward into a new era, fueled by data and analytics technologies. 

But this evolution will not be without its own challenges. TIBCO is uniquely positioned to help educational institutions address the demands that come with this new era of learning, including inspiring the next generation of data scientists with the Academic Alliance Program and managing in-person safety with the TIBCO GatherSmart application.

TIBCO in the Classroom

TIBCO is partnering with higher education institutions through the TIBCO Academic Alliance, which aligns with the larger TIBCO4Good initiative, by providing state-of-the-art solutions for use in academic programs and courses.

Through these initiatives, TIBCO not only helps universities make their programs and courses more attractive and engaging for students, but the hands-on training, using TIBCO’s advanced solutions, also helps prepare students for future careers.

Through its Academic Alliance Program, TIBCO partners with universities worldwide to prepare students for IT jobs facing massive shortages across industries. It is also TIBCO’s way of helping academic institutions drive economic growth in their respective countries. 

TIBCO’s Academic Alliance program provides educators and students access to cutting-edge technology solutions, preparing graduates for tomorrow’s workforce. TIBCO provides its leading software at a free or lower cost to help students learn advanced analytics capabilities while teaching them to apply these skills in a real-world setting.

TIBCO GatherSmart

TIBCO also developed TIBCO GatherSmart to support the schools’ return and ensure both educator and student safety. With the gradual return to physical schools, the hybrid learning model option will be available to make education more interactive, innovative, and resilient for educators and their students.

With TIBCO GatherSmart, schools can quickly assess the readiness of students to return in person. Students and educators can report their symptoms on a daily basis and receive guidance on whether to learn from home or go into the classroom. GatherSmart demonstrates how data can be transformative, providing solutions and empowering people and organizations to rise above current and future challenges.

Education Solutions for the Digital Era

With such programs and solutions, TIBCO remains committed to creating better technologies and more meaningful solutions for this new era of education.

TIBCO can help educational institutions address the demands of this new era of learning, including inspiring the next generation of data scientists with the Academic Alliance Program and managing in-person safety with TIBCO GatherSmart. Click To Tweet

To learn more about TIBCO in the classroom, check out TIBCO’s Academic Alliance. And to do some learning on your own, watch this webinar to better understand the data behind COVID-19.