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TIBCO Cloud Integration
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In today’s rapidly changing markets, a business needs to be able to adapt quickly. Unfortunately, many companies lack agility because they rely on inefficient and inflexible processes that are difficult to transform.

To solve this issue and gain agility, organizations need to streamline and automate the processes within their business that would enable it to run more efficiently, boost employee productivity, and dramatically reduce costs. 

For example, customer support teams could improve customer satisfaction by automating the routing of customer incidents to the right people to ensure faster resolution. Underwriting teams could eliminate time wasted waiting for manual approvals by automatically rejecting incomplete or invalid claims. Marketing teams could reach out to new prospects at the moment of engagement if sales leads were automatically added to their marketing database. 

Lack of Tools Means Lack of Agility

People all across your own business see opportunities like these every day. However, although they have the experience and knowledge to improve how your business operates, they typically lack the tools required to do this themselves. 

Instead, they are forced to rely on overburdened IT departments to make even the simplest changes to the apps and data they use to execute processes. This often means long lead times for any process improvements, which, in turn, means your business continues to lag behind the competition. 

TIBCO Cloud Integration: Automation by Anyone 

Like many IPaaS solutions, TIBCO Cloud Integration connects your applications, business suites, data sources, and devices using any style, no matter where they are located. 

But more than that, it also empowers everyone in your organization to quickly and easily streamline and automate your processes with no coding or technical knowledge needed. The benefit – everyone can contribute, so your company responds more rapidly and cost-effectively to new opportunities, realizing greater business impact even sooner.

As seen in the demo, a wizard-based interface guides users through simple, business-centric questions. Users can easily access the data they need by seamlessly connecting to existing APIs or other integration assets built by the IT department with TIBCO Cloud Integration. 

Automated processes often require human ingenuity. For example, with TIBCO Cloud Integration automation capabilities, if managerial approval is needed before the next step of the process, you can simply route all of the necessary data or documents to them before continuing the automated process. You can also route any failures or issues to the right person for resolution and prevent any potential delays. It truly is automation made easy.  

Catholic Medical Center Sets Up COVID-19 Vaccine Support Center in Under 2 Weeks

Ensuring that communities are quickly vaccinated against COVID-19 is a huge logistical and data management challenge. To meet this challenge, Catholic Medical Center, a nonprofit acute-care hospital and regional health system part of GraniteOne Health, based in New Hampshire, worked with Powerhouse Consulting to establish completely new processes using TIBCO Cloud Integration, enabling staff to help patients sign up for the vaccine per government regulations. In order to save lives, this critical work demanded speed and accuracy. 

To help manage vaccine registration efficiently, Catholic Medical Center knew it had to automate many tasks in its processes, such as communication and data access. Furthermore, they were learning new lessons every day as vaccine scheduling progressed, so the process also needed to be easily adaptable to allow changes to be rolled out instantly to all staff. 

With TIBCO Cloud Integration, Catholic Medical Center was able to stand up a fully functional contact center in under two weeks. Listen to Shaunna Shiers, Director of Operations at Catholic Medical Center, describe how she and her team successfully navigated the challenges they faced.

TIBCO’s leadership in the iPaaS market has been validated by industry analysts such as Nucleus Research, who has named TIBCO a leader in their 2021 iPaaS Value Matrix, as well as THE usability leader. Click To Tweet

TIBCO Cloud Integration redefines the iPaaS by including first-class support for automation. TIBCO’s leadership in the iPaaS market has been validated by industry analysts such as Nucleus Research, who has named TIBCO a leader in their 2021 iPaaS Value Matrix, as well as THE usability leader. We invite you to download a complimentary copy of their report today.