Expanding Open Source With Apache Pulsar and Apache Kafka for TIBCO Cloud Messaging

TIBCO Open Source Streaming
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Longer ago than I care to admit, I remember hearing TIBCO’s founder, Vivek Ranadivé, talk about The Power of Now and Web 2.0. Vivek’s primary vision was that the world of technology was changing, the days of reaction were behind us, and we should become more proactive. 

Building on Vivek’s enthusiasm, TIBCO is excited to announce today that we have incorporated support of two of our open-source solutions already available in TIBCO Messaging into TIBCO Cloud Messaging. With the inclusion of support for Apache Pulsar and Apache Kafka, TIBCO Cloud Messaging users can now leverage a fully-managed solution that natively provides protocol support for applications built and designed to use Apache Pulsar and Apache Kafka. 

But why are solutions like Apache Pulsar and Apache Kafka important for cloud users? Well, history shows us that communications infrastructure and methodologies have to evolve and grow to meet new demands.

The Evolution of Event Processing in the Era of Big Data

Back when Vivek was talking about The Power of Now, TIBCO was talking about integration, Service Oriented Architecture (SoA), and event processing, all of which sat on a rock-solid communications infrastructure built on messaging. Now, many years later, much of Vivek’s vision has come to fruition. Of course, much is still the same. Event processing has evolved into Event-Driven Architecture, SoA has evolved into microservices, and integration and messaging are still at the core of the communications infrastructure. But as technology has advanced, these systems became inundated with data. 

This was one of the side effects of the Big Data movement. As the desire to become more proactive grew, the amount of data needed to enable proactivity also grew. Enterprises built massive data warehouses that stored all the information they might possibly need to make predictions. Data scientists fed oceans of data into analytics engines to glean hidden insights.

The Big Data movement, while bringing us closer to the reality of the Predictive Enterprise by providing more data to be analyzed, didn’t do anything to help people analyze that data in real-time. We remained beholden to a system that required time to gather, analyze and act on information. We needed a way to collect, analyze and respond to events in real-time. We had most of the pieces, but no one had brought them together in the appropriate way. In addition, we needed to rethink where operations for event processing and data analysis should be done. But changes in that area were already on the horizon and coming from an unexpected player, open-source.

Native Support and Integration Provides Open-Source Solutions

The new term coined was Stream Processing, which was the melding of real-time messaging semantics with the ability to process data in the same logical space. Apache Kafka and Apache Pulsar were built to meet these demands, albeit with slightly different perspectives. The migration of functionalities that typically were handled by software services up the stack, like integration, stream processing, and eventing, into the messaging layer has been a major theme of development for messaging solutions like Apache Kafka, Apache Pulsar, and TIBCO’s own messaging components.

Being able to leverage the right communications framework and provide seamless integration between platforms has been a major part of the strategic roadmap for TIBCO Messaging. That is why we were so excited to announce the inclusion of native support and integration of open-source solutions like Apache Kafka, Apache Pulsar, and Eclipse Mosquitto in TIBCO Messaging a few years ago.

 TIBCO Cloud: Constantly Evolving to Provide You With More  

Whether you are building an application from scratch or you are leveraging an application like TIBCO Cloud Integration that can already use Apache Pulsar or Apache Kafka, you now have the ability to deploy those applications and use TIBCO’s fully-managed cloud solution for a robust communications infrastructure. With a few simple clicks, you can stand up your messaging infrastructure in TIBCO Cloud and enable applications to connect and distribute data for all your application needs. From providing integration services to building RESTful Microservices to enabling complex stream processing engines, you can now leverage TIBCO Cloud Messaging as a fully managed communications infrastructure.  

From providing integration services to building RESTful Microservices to enabling complex stream processing engines, you can now leverage TIBCO Cloud Messaging as a fully managed communications infrastructure.   Click To Tweet

Subscribe, connect and distribute with flexible choice on what protocols and solutions to use for communication that is the power of TIBCO Cloud Messaging. To learn more, see the TIBCO Cloud Messaging product page on our website.