Make the Most of Your Existing IT and Business Resources With Cloud Integration

TIBCO Cloud Integration
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In 2021, many businesses are working to reset and readjust to new market conditions. This readjustment can involve any number of goals, including returning to revenue growth, cutting costs, boosting innovation, or adapting to new business models. In all of these cases, modernizing a business’s digital platform is a key element to accomplishing any of these goals. 

Regardless of industry, most IT teams must achieve these aims while working within a set budget. As a result, it is essential that they find ways to extract more value from existing business assets and resources. 

This is where TIBCO Cloud Integration comes in. It maximizes flexibility and choice so you can make the most efficient use of your investments.

Accelerate the Creation of Integrations

Your IT team probably has more integration requests than they have people to service them, leading to long wait times. However, the average business user should be able to create integrations if provided with the right tools. These users also have a deeper understanding of business needs and what will be required to develop effective integrations. TIBCO Cloud Integration provides self-service, low-code tools that enable people outside of the IT department to create integrations in a self-service environment. This reduces the IT bottleneck by spreading integration work across the business, allowing the IT department to focus on complex, critical integrations. 

Make More Efficient Use of Compute Resources

With TIBCO Cloud Integration, you can develop event-driven integrations that consume 50x less compute resources than alternative Java or Node.js approaches — making them ideal for deployments to lightweight edge devices in serverless environments such as function-as-a-service (FaaS). This allows you to make the most efficient use of your compute resources. It also increases your scalability by reducing the start-up and shut-down time of your applications. 

Reduce the Risk of Business Disruption 

You can further minimize disruption to your critical business processes with tools that monitor and evaluate the performance of the integrations that distribute information across your business. The centralized monitoring dashboard within TIBCO Cloud Integration lets you easily evaluate your integrations’ performance to ensure that critical applications are running smoothly. It also helps you find opportunities to improve application performance and investigate sudden changes  that need to be addressed quickly. For example, the demo below shows how TIBCO Cloud Integration can easily compare versions of an application to rapidly identify recent changes that may be causing issues.

For more information on the value TIBCO Cloud Integration can provide, check out this short video. You can also head to our YouTube channel for  product demos and more, including a detailed demonstration of the TIBCO Cloud monitoring dashboard.