Accelerate Your Business with the Cloud: Wipro and TIBCO Joint Solution has Proven Success

TIBCO Wipro Cloud Solution
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In this digital age, organizations must constantly create and exchange data both internally and externally for effective functioning. Traditional file transfer solutions are no longer enough as business users demand better experiences and more stringent protocols. Businesses need a cloud-based solution with better reliability, control, visibility, and security.

To meet this need, Wipro, a Global Strategic TIBCO Partner, created a solution. Wipro’s Managed File Transfer-as-a-Service (MFTaaS), built on TIBCO products, is a SaaS-based B2B Managed File Transfer (MFT) platform that enables seamless integration across partner systems and enterprise applications. Leveraging TIBCO solutions, the MFTaaS platform offers complete connected experiences to enterprises.

Mike Kennedy, VP of B2B Engineering at TIBCO, and Manu Chaudhary, Senior Architect at Wipro, discuss the ins and outs of the solution and how it can benefit your company today.

TIBCO and Wipro are aligned to provide cloud-based integration solutions to their customers. Wipro and TIBCO's shared experience results in a secure, future-ready, and cost-efficient solution for your file transfer needs. Click To Tweet

How does the MFTaaS solution work?

Wipro’s Managed File Transfer as-a-Service (MFTaaS) provides a unified cloud-hosted platform that enables secure and reliable enterprise file transfer and transformation across all devices with the integrated capability to control, monitor, and audit.

The core platform provides end-to-end encryption of files, visibility and analytics into the file, and a plethora of frameworks and accelerators: partner collaboration, B2B/MFT testing, EDI translation, monitoring, delivery, and more.

Why do businesses need to upgrade their file transfer platforms to the cloud?

Businesses need to move their file transfers and transformations to the cloud to save money and update to the latest versions. Tier-based pricing of cloud services reduces expenses and is scalable based on enterprise needs.

“Most importantly, cloud vendors have a very robust, quick, and reliable infrastructure setup, allowing for secure access to several resources. It also helps to instantaneously expand the ecosystem to other cloud-based products for ease of operations,” says Chaudhary.

How does this solution compare to what’s available on the market?

Wipro has used its domain expertise and decades of experience to build a compliant, scalable, and agile platform. “Wipro’s solution, built on TIBCO technology, is scalable, robust, and adapts to emerging market trends. With the platform’s multiple capabilities, it’s a single solution for all your B2B/MFT needs,” says Kennedy.

What are the benefits of this solution?

According to Chaudhary, “​​The new and upgraded MFTaaS platform reduces the time-to-market of file transfers and integrations while simplifying the integration of large and complex systems.”

Additionally, the SaaS-based model reduces the total cost of operations with pay-as-you-go pricing. This solution assures the predictability of, security, and performance of file transfers for your business and partners.

“With MFTaaS and its host of capabilities and accelerators, Wipro and TIBCO provide a strategic platform for secure transfer and transformation of large data with ease, visibility, and control. The service can be deployed even in low bandwidth, high latency systems,” Kennedy states. 

How do Wipro and TIBCO work together to best serve clients?

TIBCO and Wipro are aligned to provide cloud-based integration solutions to their customers. Wipro and TIBCO’s shared experience results in a secure, future-ready, and cost-efficient solution for your file transfer needs.

Success with Wipro and TIBCO

The Wipro MFTaaS robust platform provides all types of organizations with secure, simplified, traceable, agile, and compliant file transfer capabilities. With added functionalities, it helps clients eliminate manual intervention in key business processes and accelerate transformation at every phase of the B2B/MFT modernization journey.

A global filtration company notes success with MFTaaS, accelerating its business velocity with faster, more reliable, secure, and error-free data transfers. A Europe-based data service provider seamlessly onboarded new partners while reducing transaction processing time to less than three seconds with MFTaaS. And A UK-based leading water distribution company consolidated disparate business systems and processes into one workflow using this solution, leading to increased visibility, profitability, and reduced maintenance costs.

Ready to accelerate your business velocity like these companies? Check out the joint solution from TIBCO and Wipro.