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TIBCO Cloud Integration
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In a rapidly changing business environment, two tenets are critical to maintaining resiliency and unleashing future innovation: flexibility and real-time insights.  As business operations are executed more by software and data rather than manual, paper-based processes, these tenets must extend to your application architecture and the integration applications that connect it together.   

With today’s modern cloud-based application architectures, there are so many environments to choose from in which to deploy your integration applications: traditional on-premises, across various infrastructure and platforms-as-a-service (IaaS/PaaS) as well as containers-as-a-service (CaaS), serverless environments, and even lightweight edge devices.

With all of these deployment options available, it is vital that your integration solution gives you maximum flexibility to deploy your integration applications to the environments that best meet your business and technical needs.  

In fact, in a recent survey conducted by on behalf of TIBCO Software, when asked, “What 3 features are most important when considering an application and data integration solution?” The top feature identified was “Flexibility to deploy across a wide range of environments”, chosen by nearly 60 percent of respondents (see chart below).  

A guiding principle at TIBCO is to give our customers a wide variety of technology choices, and that extends to our TIBCO Cloud Integration integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS).  Not only can you use TIBCO Cloud Integration on your choice of either the AWS or Microsoft Azure cloud platforms, but you also have the flexibility to deploy the integration applications you create with it into the environments of your choice, such as those mentioned above as well as TIBCO Cloud.  To learn more about the flexibility provided by TIBCO Cloud Integration, we invite you to read our recent whitepaper, “10 Reasons Why TIBCO Is the Leader for Connecting Modern Application Architectures and Why that Matters to You”.

View and Monitor Your Integration Applications from a Single Location

This flexibility of being able to deploy anywhere doesn’t provide much value if you can’t obtain real-time insights into how your integration applications are performing. You need to be able to monitor your integrations across your chosen deployment environments at all times.   Since the connections between applications and data on your digital platform underpin your business processes, integration applications that don’t perform as required (or fail to perform altogether) can have a significant negative impact on your business.   

As announced at this year’s TIBCO NOW event, the TIBCO Cloud Integration – Big Basin release features hybrid monitoring capabilities, which enables you to view and monitor integration applications from a single location, regardless of deployment.  Already available for monitoring TIBCO Cloud Integration – Connect applications, users are now able to additionally monitor remote Integrate (powered by TIBCO BusinessWorks™) and Develop applications (powered by TIBCO Flogo®) within the TIBCO Cloud Integration dashboard (see below). This creates a single monitoring experience for all applications regardless of the deployment environment.  

Hybrid monitoring is enabled by the new TIBCO Cloud Integration – Hybrid Agent, a lightweight program that you run locally to facilitate communication between remote apps and TIBCO Cloud Integration. Downloadable within the TIBCO Cloud Integration dashboard, the TIBCO Cloud Integration – Hybrid Agent securely communicates information on registered remote apps, such as monitoring statistics, app status, and other app details.  For more information, please refer to the product documentation.

Having these insights readily available at your fingertips within a single view ensures that your business stays connected. You can see a quick demonstration of this feature in the video below.

TIBCO Cloud Integration – Big Basin release features hybrid monitoring capabilities, which enables you to view and monitor integration applications from a single location, regardless of deployment. Click To Tweet

In today’s fast-paced world, flexibility and real-time insights are critical. The TIBCO CloudIntegration Big Basin release gives you both.  Learn more about TIBCO Cloud Integration and try it for yourself for 30 days at no charge.